Karyn Crisis


Every day is a school day.  One of the great things about music is that there is always something new to discover.

One of the great things about writing about music is that on a daily basis I get a multitude of messages dropping into my inbox with pointers to music from band PR companies.

One such message arrived today.  I confess that despite the fact that Karyn Crisis has been around in a variety of bands since 1994 I have never come across either her of the band Gospel of Witches before today.

In a quiet five-minutes I clicked into YouTube to check her out.  Wow!  I was blown away.  The video for “The Ascent” is a little dark and disturbing but it is beautifully shot and captures the mood of the song perfectly.  I liked it a lot.  Check it out.

This track is taken from the latest album, ‘Salem’s Wounds’.  The music is described as occult metal and the soundscape paints a picture of evil menace though there are lighter moments.  It is a song that portrays both light and darkness.

Karyn Crisis talks about The Ascent stating that:

“The Ascent is about the transformative ancient rite of Death and Resurrection. It also alludes to the wisdom attained through attuning to the nature of energies which often appear to us as illusions of opposites. To be incarnated again we must first go through the death transition; we must enter the darkness to find the light; to hear the voice of the Universe we must go within, turning attention away from the physical world. Opposites are merely halves of a whole: masculine and feminine energies, the macrocosm and the microcosm, life and death.

In pen and ink I drew a storyboard of the video that I sent to Bob Vigna, who filmed and edited the entire video. I explained to him I wanted to depict this rite of dying unto oneself, represented by the Hanged Man Tarot card. For our story, I felt it was important to have the male Druids taking action in the first part of the story which is about a seeker in the physical world, and for the female Priestesses to complete the creative inward rebirthing process.

I was inspired by a story authored by Carlo Napolitano where a character seeking answers to the Great Mysteries was hung upside down on a tree, with a mask tied to his face, gaining a previously unknown view of the world around him as pagan rituals took place around him. Bob elevated these ideas and turned them into a cohesive storyline that’s both tangible and earthly, dreamy and spiritual.”

For more from the release of Salem’s Wounds by KARYN CRISIS’ GOSPEL OF THE WITCHES, listen to the following singles:

The music is a little funereal at times.  It is also thought provoking, challenging and utterly absorbing.

Salem’s Wounds is available now on Century Media Records.


Karyn Crisis tweets as @Karyn_Crisis

[Image Via YouTube]

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