Paris killing

Paris Tragedy: Should We Be Surprised?

Like most everyone with a shred of humanity and decency I am appalled and sickened by the terrorist attacks in paris last night.

At least 127 peaceful law-abiding citizens were murdered in cold blood in the name of religion.  I would love to be sitting here saying that I am shocked or that I can’t believe what has happened.  Sadly neither would be true.

I am sick to death of the killing in the cause of some sort of religious dick swinging contest.  My god is better than your god and I will kill you if you don’t agree.  This kind of religious zealotry has been going on since the crusades and shows no sign of abating anytime soon.

We hear time and again that god is great, god is merciful, ours is the religion of peace.  Our god says we should go out and kill anyone who disagrees.  Why can people not see the irony?

Of course the response from around the world is at first revulsion but less than 12-hours after the attacks we already have a ramping up of the rhetoric.  Already Hollande, Obama and Cameron are promising revenge, declaring the attack as an act of war and promising retribution.  Why can the idiots not see that violence just brings more violence?  Why do they think that killing Arabs, mostly women and children, is the way to end these terrible attacks?

I wish I had the answers, I don’t.  I do know however that bombing, shooting and killing innocents is not the answer.  When will we wake up and end the politics of war?  Perhaps when we put an end to organised religion.

2 thoughts on “Paris Tragedy: Should We Be Surprised?

  1. elmediat

    We can no more put an end to organized religion than we could put an end to people forming bands and orchestras. Their will always be metaphorical conductors and lead singers ready represent and direct the group. Individuals group themselves around similarities that are physical, intellectual and emotional. There will always be groups of shared values, beliefs and ideologies. Some will be very extreme in their views. Conflict will continue.

    The best we can do is attempt to reduce the basic causes of conflict. Fair sharing of resources. Insuring the health and well-being of as many members of humanity as possible. perhaps one day we can do that for all – unfortunately, even the most technologically advanced societies – America, Canada, Australia and Europe & parts of Asia are unable to guarantee their own population are unfairly balanced .

    Perhaps one day, I have entered my sixth decade, a creation of the 20th century. I attempt to hold on to hope, create, communicate & share .


    1. The Sound of Summer Post author

      You are of course (sadly) 100% correct. It seems to be part of the human condition to fear and hate what we don’t understand. Even if there was no religion some people would find a reason to hate others.

      Where hate exists we will continue to see atrocities like this



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