Eagles Of Death Metal

Eagles Of Death Metal

The chances are that, unless you are a fan of Metal Music, you may never have heard of the Eagles Of Death Metal prior to Friday November 13th 2015.  The Eagles of Death Metal have been around since 1998 but they sit within a niche genre and outside of the mainstream.

Eagles of Death Metal were formed by Josh Homme of Queens of the Stone age fame and by Jesse Hughes.  They are the bands permanent members but Homme rarely gets to perform with the band as a result of his commitments to other bands.

Despite the name Eagles of Death Metal do not actually play Death Metal music.  Instead Eagles of Death metal play an altogether more complex blend of rock music.

Sadly Eagles of Death Metal will now forever be associated with last Friday’s atrocities in Paris.  Eagles of Death metal were on stage in a packed Bataclan theatre when death came calling.  At least 89 Eagles of Death Metal fans died when terrorists stormed the theatre with guns, explosives and suicide vests.

Sadly Eagles of Death metal’s merchandise manager Nick Alexander, 36, from Colchester, Essex, was confirmed as one of the first Brit’s to die in the rampage.

It seems barely credible that so many people could be massacred simply enjoying a rock concert.  As many of you know I spend a lot of my time working as a gig photographer and this atrocity could so easily have happened at any of the shows were I am happily taking photographs.  I can’t pretend that these atrocities do not have me worried, but I will continue to do what I love.

I am certain that this atrocity will have hit the Eagles of Death metal very hard.  How do you come to terms with the fact that so many of your fans were murdered just enjoying one of your shows.

I hope that Eagles of Death Metal somehow find the strength to continue to perform.  It is perhaps the biggest tribute that Eagles of Death Metal could pay to those who died.

My thoughts are with the Eagles of Death Metal, the people of Paris and everyone affected by this atrocity.

Long Live Rock ‘N’ Roll


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