Adele Set To Smash Records With 25

British singer Adele looks set to smash the charts with her first album in four years.  “25” is Adele’s follow up to the imaginatively titled “21” that was released back in 2011.  Now I won’t pretend that I am a huge fan of Adele, frankly she began to bore me a long time ago.

I was pretty impressed with some of Adele’s material from her 2008 album “19,”  “Chasing Pavements” was a great song “21” propelled Adele to worldwide stardom and broke just about every record you can imagine.

It seems that Adele’s latest offering is set to do the same.  According to Yahoo Celebrity Adele sold 300,000 copies of “25” yesterday, its first day of release.  To put that into perspective the Official Charts Company report that this weeks N0 1 album, Made In The A.M. by boyband One Direction is the biggest seller of the year to date after shifting 93K copies in it’s first week on sale.  Adele has tripled those sales in a single day.

Adele seems likely to join an exclusive club by selling over 500,000 copies in it’s first week on sale.  Only two artists have achieved that feat in the past.  Take That’s “Progress” hit 518K in it’s first week but the record is he’d by Oasis.  Be Here Now had  695,761 sales in it’s first week way back in 1997.

Official Charts Company chief executive Martin Talbot said: “Adele truly is a once in a generation artist. Her appeal spans age groups and genres, from children to teenagers, right through to mums and dads, uncles and aunties.”

“With this mammoth first day sales tally, Adele has taken a further step towards greatness. Over the next few days we will find out whether it can pass the magic half a million sales mark.”

The first single from the new Adele album spent three weeks at No 1 and has already sold 512,000 downloads and achieved 21.4m audio streams.  Interestingly in this day in age Adele has joined Taylor Swift by refusing to allow “25” to be streamed on Spotify or Apple Music.

According to Billboard Adele’s “25” could sell 2.5 million copies in the U.S. in it’s first week on sale.  They report that Adele sold 900K downloads of “25” on the day of release.

Adele is being tipped to surpass N Sync’s No Strings Attached which sold 2,416,000 copies in it’s first week on sale back in 2000.  So if the predictions prove to be correct Adele will smash all current records for first week sales on both sides of the pond.

Clearly Adele is doing something right though what that might be passes me totally by.

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