The Darkness Christmas song

The Return Of The Christmas Record: Blessing or Curse?

Evil music industry trolls, most notably Simon Cowell,  killed off that most British of traditions – the Christmas Single – with their sickly singing competition winners.

The X-Factor spawned the Christmas No 1 year in and year out and as time went on bands simply stopped making Christmas themed records.  It seemed that we were forever damned to be bombarded with Slade’s Merry Christmas Everyone and Mud’s Lonely This Christmas for the rest of our lives.

If announcements this week are anything to go by It seems that the Christmas single may well be back, at least in the UK.  First up The Darkness are on a mission to take back Christmas from the X-Factor.

The lineage of Christmas songfoolery has included many greats, and The Darkness’ legendary 2003 single ‘Christmas Time (Don’t Let The Bell’s End), put the band firmly in the frame as a Christmas staple, alongside stuffing and unacceptable jumpers. The Darkness have now taken the long-overdue fightback into their own hands and have recorded a brand new song for your yuletide delight.  ‘I AM SANTA’ is a jingle fest in their own inimitable style and is released (of course) on Christmas Day.

The super-festive video for the single was recorded in Los Angeles while the band were on tour in October. The Darkness borrowed a time machine off of the Back To The Future people in order to make the video in the 1980s, and bought up the ENTIRE stock of fake snow from Hollywood’s special effects dealers. There is a special prize if you can spot the celebrity disguised as a cheerful Santa figurine!   Look here:

To celebrate the fightback The Darkness have even rereleased their  latest album ‘Last Of Our Kind’ with 4 new tracks: ‘Messenger’, ‘Always Had The Blues’, ‘Million Dollar Strong’ and ‘I AM SANTA’.

Following hot on the heels of The Darkness Xtra Mile label mates beans on Toast and Skinny Lister have teamed up for their own somewhat cheesy Christmas song, “This Christmas.”

All proceeds from the single are to be donated to homeless charity Shelter.


1 thought on “The Return Of The Christmas Record: Blessing or Curse?

  1. estelea

    In the Philippines, Christmas carols have been on since late August .. Not sure I would call it a blessing, especially when they start at 6 and play all night, in every shop and taxi 😛 Have a festive week !

    Liked by 1 person


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