Comsat Angels Announce Deluxe Edition reissues

Post Punk outfit Comsat Angels have announced a deluxe version reissue of no fewer than four of their albums.

Active initially between 1978 and 1995  Comsat angels were a major force in the post punk genre though they arguably never achieved the commercial success that they deserved.

Named after the J. G. Ballard story of the same name, The Comsat Angels were born in the UK Post-Punk era. One of the most underrated acts of the early 80’s, the Sheffield four-piece twinned together sparse, economical musicianship and a large sound.

While other bands of the era with a big sound such as U2, Simple Minds, Echo and the Bunnymen and the Teardrop Explodes all achieved mainstream success, the Comsat Angels never made the breakthrough into the main arena.

Perhaps too dark for populist tastes at the time, Comsat’s music has been described as “abstract pop songs with spare instrumentation, many of which were bleak and filled with some form of heartache.” 

 Unjustly overlooked for their important contribution to music, their influence however, is enormous; the haunting atmospherics and simply played, but expansive nature of their music having a direct effect on countless Post-Punk revival bands including Blacklist, Bell Hollow, Editors and Interpol.

On 20th November, Edsel are pleased to announce 2CD deluxe editions of pivotal albums from the band’s catalogue; ‘Waiting For A Miracle’, ‘Sleep No More’, ‘Fiction’ and ‘Chasing Shadows’/‘Fire On The Moon’, all originally recorded between 1980 and 1990.

The Comsat’s first three albums all receive the deluxe treatment; the introspective, but absorbing debut album ‘Waiting For A Miracle’; the intense, monumental follow-up ‘Sleep No More’ and the understated but equally under-rated third, ‘Fiction’.

Also, reissued for the first time, is the long out-of-print ‘Chasing Shadows’ album which lists Robert Palmer (a constant champion of the band) as co-producer. Packaged with the little-known ‘Fire On The Moon’ (recorded while the Comsats were briefly known as Dream Command), proves beyond all reasonable doubt that while commercial recognition may have eluded the Sheffield-based quartet, they still accumulated one of the most enviable, enduring and unsung catalogues known to rock.

Included in the deluxe editions are non-LP singles, demos and BBC radio session tracks, plus booklets with rare photos, memorabilia and detailed liner notes.

The Comsat Angels are Stephen Fellows (guitar, vocals); Mik Glaisher (drums) ; Kevin Bacon (bass) and Andy Peake (keyboards).

If Comsat Angels are new to you then why not check out one or more of the new reissues which are available here.

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