Black Friday “Sale” – Don’t Make Me Laugh

As a live music photographer I need to have two cameras.  One gets fitted with a 24 – 70 f2.8 lens whilst the other sports the 70 – 200mm f2.8.

My reserve camera simply isn’t up to the job any longer.  I will not name names but I have had great prices of equipment from a U.S. company with a UK base.  The Camera’s are imported from the U.S. with all duty paid so we can achieve savings of around 30%.

I have been keeping an eye on prices over the last few weeks as I am looking to buy either a Nikon D810 or a second Nikon D750 and thought I might bag a Black friday bargain.

Sadly the company has advertised a reduction on the D750 from £1100 down to £1049.  This sounds great when you realise that a well known and trusted UK company has reduced the price from £1799 to £1499.

However the U.S. Company had the same camera body at it’s “normal” prive of £979 just last week.  They are simply ripping customers off under the guise of them “bagging a bargain” on Black Friday.
As the old saying goes “buyer beware.”

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