Adele Album '25' Smashing Records: Some One Please Tell Me Why

Adele Album ’25’ Smashing Records: Some One Please Tell Me Why?

British singer Adele released he latest album “25” two weeks ago and immediately kicked Teen pop idols One Direction and Justin Bieber off the No 1 spot in the UK and U.S. respectively.

Adele’s album proved to be the UK’s biggest ever first week seller and Billboard reported that Adele had managed to flog almost 2.5 million copies of her latest dirge on its first day on sale in the U.S.  Over 900,ooo copies were bought on iTunes alone on the day of release.

Metro reports that “25” saw Adele sell over one million copies in the UK in under 10 days making “25” the top selling album in the UK this year and the fastest to reach one million sales.

In the U.S. Adele has smashed all previous records by becoming the fastest selling album ever.  The record was previously held by N*SYNC’s 2000 effort No Strings Attached, which sold 2,416,000 albums in a week.  Adele smashed that record by almost one million after selling 3.38 million copies in the States in seven days.

Adele’s comeback single Hello was the biggest debut of any other video this year, and racked up 50 million views in the first 48 hours it was online, beating Taylor Swift’s vid for Bad Blood.

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I am the first to admit that music is a subjective thing.  As a fan of punk, metal, hardcore and metalcore I guess some of the music I like would send some people running for cover.  I also have to admit that Adele’s success with “25” is incredibly impressive, you simply can’t argue with the figures.

What I can and will argue about is why on earth people are buying this music.  Admittedly Adele can sing, I would even go so far as to say she has a great voice but, and it’s a HUGE but, every single song sounds the same.  Adele’s music i’m afraid is a dirge.  Adele started out on 19 weeping about love lost and here we are all these years later listening to the same old story.

It’s dull, it’s predictable, it’s formulaic.  I struggle to listen to more than one Adele song before it all turns into background music.  It is the same bland and unimaginative path that is trodden by Ed Sheeran, George Ezra, Sam Smith and a host of other huge selling but bland pop artists.

Whatever  happened to music being the opiate of the masses?  Perhaps Adele and the other artists I mention reflect the current generation of the nation’s youth.  That part of the nation’s youth that sits in their bedroom glued to a computer screen that is.

There is a hell of a lot wrong with our world today and unlike yesteryear popular music does not reflect discontent or disillusion.  Instead artists like Adele pull a plastic veneer over the world’s problems.  Not for them any hint of stirring up the rebellious masses.  Perhaps Adele, Sheeran and company are part of the problem simply because they have nothing relevant to say.

Have you listened to Adele’s “25”?  What did you think?  Is Adele boring safe and bland or is she a genius?  Let us know what you think.

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6 thoughts on “Adele Album ’25’ Smashing Records: Some One Please Tell Me Why?

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  2. ShimonZ

    I’ve heard her once or twice and liked her sound, but I don’t follow her kind of music, so can’t say much about it. Most of the music I listen to, is Jazz, of a style popular in certain circles around 50 years ago… but still moves me today… Fortunately, we have a lot of choices, and there’s no pressure to hear the ‘latest’.

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  3. dcprattproductions

    “Is Adele boring safe and bland or is she a genius?” I’m going to go with the former. 🙂

    I have not listened to her newest record, nor will I ever willingly. But i have been subjected to all of the hits from the first record, and I can honestly say i don’t get any of it. I personally think her voice is horrible and annoying. But like you said, music is subjective, and she’s simply not my thing.

    I too have wondered why are artist like her so popular, and why so many people find her in particular so amazing, when all I hear is an annoying unoriginal borefest. Part of me suspects that even though you and I may find her music contrived and uninteresting, to a certain extent, her music music has a significant amount more soul and groove to it compared to a lot of the other pop music that’s out there. But does that really explain her record sales? probably not.

    I guess the real question will be whether or not her records hold up to the test of time. Will all the people who are going out and buying her music today still be listening to that record in a year or two or ten? Will kids being born now or are that are in elementary school be going out and buying her records when they’re teenagers, like I did with KISS, Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd when I was a kid in the 1980’s. I suspect not, but I really don’t know. Only time will tell for sure.

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    1. The Sound of Summer Post author

      As you probably guessed I’m with you.

      I see better singers than Adele at every one of the little grass roots festivals I attend. Amazing artists abound and yet most of them are barely scratching a living.

      Along comes Adele and sells 5 million albums in a fortnight. It astounds me.



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