Bring Me The Horizon - Alexandra Palace

Bring Me The Horizon – Alexandra Palace

Bring Me The Horizon have just concluded their most memorable tour to date. The release of their new album “That’s The Spirit” completely morphed the five-piece bands sound, straying from their roots of metal-core to a less agressive style that fulfils frontman Oli Sykes’ wish to be able “to sing it through the rooftops”. Despite the drastic change in genre, the bands loyal fans persevered and evidently loved the album as much as it’s incredible predeccesor “Sempiternal” and quickly became their most successful album in history.

On the 28th November 2015 the Sheffield hardcore gods graced Ally Pally with two other recent breakthrough bands PVRIS and Neck Deep. The masses gathered outside the venue hours before the doors were opened despite the horrific rain and wind (Quite suiting to the album cover). As the floodgates opened, 10,000 youngsters painted in merchandise darted into the magical venue, anticipation was rising as PVRIS were greeted by a roar of appreciation, the American rock band have proved themselves time and time again amongst the current powerhouses of the scene and tonight was no different. The arena was absolutely rocking, literally, the amount of people singer Lynn Gunn got jumping was overwhelming for the best of us. It may have been as a result of nerves or exhaustion but I couldn’t help but notice a slight lack of passion from the band, don’t get me wrong, they put on a pretty good show but I do not believe that they embraced the magnitude of an event like this, you’re playing Alexandra Palace with Bring Me The Horizon! Show some enthusiasm!

Bring Me The Horizon - Alexandra Palace

British pop-punk front-runners Neck Deep were next on the bill, in just one year the boys from Wrexham have gone from quiet Blink-182 fan-boys to superstars with the pop-punk scene in the palm of their hands. Just over a year ago I saw them in the smallest stage at Reading 2014 and tonight, they bring their fiery sound to the packed out Ally Pally. Neck Deep immediately leave their mark on the masses with the explosively performed first song off their new album, “Life’s Not Out To Get You”, “Citizens of Earth”. Sam Carter, from hardcore elites Architects made a surprise appearance and certainly added a punch to the set. As always, Neck Deep played a energy-filled fantastic set with fan favourites such as “A part of me” and “Can’t kick up the roots” that warmed the crowd up for what had the makings of a memorable night.

Bring Me The Horizon - Alexandra Palace

After an eager wait, Bring Me The Horizon finally took their places on the stage and were greeted by a sea of 10’000 adrenaline filled fans ready to tear the roof off the building. The first song of their set was suitably the first song on “That’s the spirit”, Doomed. Honestly, Oli didn’t even have to sing, every member of that crowd seemed to know every single lyric. This was especially shown as Happy Song begun with the new albums signature slogan “S-P-I-R-I-T, Spirit, lets hear it!”, it was echoed around the room as Oli did what he does best, open up the biggest mosh-pits possible, the crowd lost their minds as the breakdowns of Happy Song and Go to Hell, for Heaven’s sake unleashed the intense spectacle that is always a Bring Me The Horizon show.

Oli expertly works the crowd as the familiar sounds of House of Wolves and the old rarity that is Chelsea Smile echoes throughout, every single track takes the arena by storm, the floor is bouncing and the crowd is certainly not for the faint hearted. Throne and Shadow Moses unifies the whole room in a stunning display of community. The band is determined to give every person in the crowd the night of their lives, old hardcore fans will be satisfied with the additions to the setlist of Chelsea Smile and Blessed with a Curse whilst new fans will enjoy the new album dominating the setlist, with songs from Sempiternal too.

Bring Me The Horizon - Alexandra Palace

Oli describes the show as “The best night of our fucking lives” and i’m sure many of the 10’000 sweat-soaked observers would agree. Bring Me The Horizon close the show with my personal favourite, Drown, an emotional and passionate song that makes you want to scream it from the damn rooftops. It was incredible, it perfectly summed up the show, from the mesmerising visuals, to the flawless showmanship and musical prowess Bring Me The Horizon once again did not fail to put on a hell of a show. For those few hours every person in that room was isolated from the world and knew the unity that the music brings them, that’s what music is all about.

All Words By Ryan Ewart.

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