Jamie Cullum Larmer Tree Festival

Larmer Tree Festival: Jamie Cullum To Open

The Larmer Tree Festival has long been one of the first events that go into my calendar.  The festival is local to me, the range of music and comedy is eclectic to say the least and of course it takes place in the stunning setting of Larmer Tree gardens.

Another reason that the Larmer Tree sees me going back year after year is the fact that they always manage to pull a surprise or two out of the bag.

It seems that Larmer Tree Festival 2016 will be no exception.  It has become a tradition at Larmer Tree for the festival to open on Wednesday evening with a headliner that is likely to appeal to the local populous and perhaps to those for whom five days camping may be just a bit too much.

Since the Wednesday opener began Van Morrison, Jools Holland and laterally Sir Tom Jones have graced the Larmer lawn.  I confess I was hoping that this years opener would be someone other than Sir Tom and so it has proved.

This years Wednesday headliner will be Jamie Cullum.  Now I really did not see that one coming.  Having sold over 10-million album’s the pop-jazz crossover has a huge following and is sure to be a huge hit with those who like to spend their Wednesday opening night chilling out with a bottle of wine listening to smooth jazz.

In what will doubtless prove to be an interesting contrast of styles English/Italian singer songwriter Jack Savoretti who is a tremendous live act.  I listened to a fair bit of Savoretti last year on the run up to Beautiful Days Festival but it wasn’t until I saw him perform live that everything clicked into place.

Tickets for Larmer Tree 2016 are on sale here.

Sing out here if you want to be heard!

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