Donald Trump

Donald Trump: Evil Bigot Or America’s Future

As someone born and raised in the UK I don’t even try to understand American politics.  Perhaps I should because the UK is becoming more like the 51st state every day.  The US already decides when we should send our young men and women overseas to kill and be killed and US business interests dictate most of our economy and economic policy.

More importantly I should do more to understand American politics because what is happening in the US right now is very very frightening.

Donald Trump is a very scary man.  The real truth is that, from this side of the atlantic it looks like a total madman is the frontrunner for next years presidential elections.  Trump is even more scary than Dubya was and if ever there was a man born without a decent one in his body it was George W. Bush.

Donald Trump makes bush look like bleeding heart liberal.  The thought of Trump with his finger on the nuclear trigger terrifies me and most everyone I know.  Yet Trump’s racist, xenophobic brand of hatred seems to have stirred the soul’s of main-street USA.

In recent days we have seen Trump call for a “ban on all Muslim’s entering the U.S.”  Whilst the BBC reports that Trump’s comments have been condemned across the world Trump used a speech onboard an aircraft carrier  to tell his supporters that “I. Don’t. Care.”  On that at least it seems that Trump is telling the truth.

Bizarrely Trump claimed that the Police in London are afraid for their lives because the population is so radicalised.  Truly I have never heard such total crap in all my life.  No doubt Trump also believes the legendary Fox News report that the population of Birmingham [UK] is 100% Muslim and that radicals are beating people in the streets for not dressing properly.

It isn’t often that I agree with Boris Johnson or indeed any conservative politician but Johnson’s response to Trump is on the button.

According to the Telegraph, a UK newspaper with a right of centre outlook, a spokesperson for the Council on America-Islamic Relations compared Trump’s narrative with Nazi rhetoric from the 1930s.

“Donald Trump sounds more like a leader of a lynch mob than a great nation like ours,” said Nihad Awad.

In arguably his strongest ever anti-american statement UK Prime Minister David Cameron said Trump’s comments were “unhelpful.”  Way to go David, thats telling him.

Trump’s views and reprehensible comments about Mexican’s, rape victims, women in general were scary in their own right but Trump’s comments and attitude towards Muslims is downright terrifying.

The Guardian say that Trumps views are all the more frightening because it normalises hatred and extreme bigotry and makes it seem both rational and the “right thing to do.”  Trump turns hatred into common sense.

The most frightening thing, say the Guardian, is that Trump’s rhetoric is eerily reminiscent of the sort of hate talk against the Jews that saw the rise of Nazism in Germany in the dark days of the 1930’s.  What next I wonder, will Trump call for all Muslim’s in the USA to be rounded up and placed in internment camps like Guantanamo until the threat has passed.

Perhaps the most worrying thing of all about Donald Trump is the fact that, as crazy as he appears from this side of the Atlantic, more and more American’s are buying into Trump’s rhetoric  I cannot understand why Trump appears to be so popular amongst Americans, and that my friends is why he is such a damn frightening prospect for the presidency.

I sincerely hope that my American friends will see through Trump before election day.  I simply cannot believe that  Americans see Trump as the future of the USA.  If Trump is the future then god help us all.

7 thoughts on “Donald Trump: Evil Bigot Or America’s Future

  1. Kathie Chicoine

    No- I think he pretty much is a “total lunatic” and an arrogant, obnoxious bully. I’m sorry they give him as much press coverage as they do. By the way, thanks for following my blog. I’m so glad you like it. I think you will enjoy being retired; my husband and I certainly do. I don’t know what you think of Annie Lennox , but I’m enjoying listening to one of her Christmas albums at the moment.

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