Ronnie Wood Twins

Ronnie Woods Having Twins At 68: Just When You Think You Have Seen It All

Life:  Such a paradox and so full of mystery.  You get to a stage in your life when you think you have seen everything and along comes something to surprise you.

I awoke this morning to the news that Ronnie Wood is having twins.

Billboard lead the way with the headline Rolling Stones’ Ronnie Wood, 68, Is Expecting Twins.  Then that bastion of balanced and accurate reporting Fox News proclaims thaRonnie Wood expecting twins at 68.

I must say I was both surprised and somewhat shocked.  I know that some women have been saying for years that men should have babies but up to now it has been physically impossible.  Who would have thought that a 68-year-old rocker would be the first to overcome the gender gap and human biology?

Just when I was beginning to get used to the idea that Ronnie Wood was about to perform a biological miracle.  The Mirror had to go and ruin my day by pointing out that Wood isn’t having the babies himself.  It seems that it is actually Ronnie’s 37-year-old wife Sally who is pregnant.

A spokes person for Ronnie Wood broke the news by saying that:

“Sally and Ronnie Wood are delighted to announce that they are expecting twins in June 2016.”

“Needless to say, they are thrilled and overjoyed with the wonderful news.”

Obviously I am delighted for Ronnie and Sally but I must confess that I am a little disappointed that Wood isn’t having the babies himself. 😉


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