Adele wins BBC best live act without playing a gig!!

Adele wins BBC best live act without playing a gig!!

No doubt some of you have read my recent post about Adele.  I don’t get her and cannot understand why she is currently smashing every record known to may with her new album “25.”

I personally find Adele boring, bland and safe but it takes all sorts and thankfully we all enjoy different things.

I’m not a fan of the annual industry back slapping that goes on in awards season any more than I am a fan of Adele.  Sometimes something happens that just makes you shake your head in despair.

Last night saw the second version of the BBC’s music awards and we saw Adele crowned the “best live act.”  Can someone explain how this has happened because Adele has not played a live show during the course of this year.  In fact Adele hasn’t toured since 2011, so please someone please explain how the f**k this was allowed to happen.

I have seen well over 300 live performances this year and one thing is for certain, every single one of them was better than the gigs Adele didn’t play.

I confess that any respect I had for Adele has now gone out the window.  this is an absolute disgrace.  Adele should have refused to accept an award she is clearly not qualified for.


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