Paul Gascoigne Found Collapsed In A Pool Of Blood

Sad news has emerged that Rangers and England legend Paul Gascoigne has been found collapsed in a pool of his own blood at exclusive health-spa Champneys near Liphook in Hampshire.

The Sun reports that  48-year-old Gascoigne was “paralytic” when he checked into the spa.  Gascoigne was described as “reeking of drink” by onlookers who said he was in “a bad way” as he checked into the health resort.

Gascoigne who has been battling alcoholism for years, was rushed to hospital covered in blood at 5am in an “medical emergency”, after he fell on a glass and gashed his hand.

One guest said: “I have never seen a human being so utterly obliterated by alcohol. It is so sad — he looked like a little old man.”

The Express quoted another source who said “When the taxi pulled off, he was in an absolute state.”

“He was visibly drunk, stank of alcohol and looked terrible. He was in a really bad way.”

During his football career Gascoigne was idolised by fans at every club he played for, nowhere more so than in Glasgow.  Gascoigne was arguably at the very peak of his game during his time at Ibrox where he loved the fans as much as they loved him.  Sadly however rumors about Gascoigne’s relationship with the demon booze had already begun to surface.


Gascoigne has been open about his problems with alcohol.

In February 2008 he was sectioned under the Mental Health Act after an incident at the Malmaison Hotel in Newcastle upon Tyne. He was taken into protective custody to prevent self-harm.  He was sectioned again in June, and in September he was hospitalised after he overdosed on alcohol and drugs in an apparent suicide attempt.

Like so many of those touched by genius Gascoigne has been tormented by his demons he has been treated for bulimia, obsessive-compulsive disorder, bipolar disorder and alcoholism.

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