Guns ‘N’ Roses Reunion Tour Likely But Is It A Mistake?

Rumors that Guns ‘N’ Roses are set to reunite for a 2016 tour have been gathering pace for months.  I received information that this was going to be the case some months ago but my source insisted that the information had to be confidential and no-one else was reporting on the issue so I didn’t give the claim a huge amount of credence at the time.

There is no doubt in my mind that Guns ‘N’ Roses were one of the biggest bands in the world with over 100 million album sales and they should have dominated rock music for decades.

Sadly this was not to be as front-man Axl Rose turned into one of the worlds prize assholes and problems with drink and drugs and a major fall-out between Rose and Slash lead to the bands demise.

Now E! online claim that the Guns ‘N’ Roses reunion is on the cards after the bands website was redesigned and updated to include the old logo—silver revolvers and red roses from its Appetite for Destruction album cover.

The bands facebook page has also been updated to feature an image of a cheering crowd, perhaps another hint that a reunion tour is on the cards.

According to the Independent a teaser trailer [below] has been played prior to screenings of the new Star Wars movie.

On a personal note I never managed to see Guns ‘N’ Roses whilst they were at the peak of their powers and I would dearly love the opportunity to catch them live.  Axl Rose may be one of the worlds biggest assholes but he is also an incredible performer, one I would love to see.  I was looking forward to seeing Motorhead at next years Download festival but sadly the untimely death of Lemmy Kilmister has put paid to that.

A reformed Guns ‘N’ Roses would be an excellent substitute if Axl Rose isn’t too far up his own ass and is willing to play lower down the bill at Download.


It seems that not everyone agrees though with some claiming a Guns ‘N’ Roses reunion is just about the money and a reunion tour will ruin their legacy.

No-one should expect that Guns ‘N’ Roses will return at their glorious best, that would be unrealistic.

What remains is a group of middle-aged men on a cash grab from the nostalgia demographic. The band members no doubt understand this is a last hurrah financially, and to get that money, every show must be played in full and without the excessive drama that made them legends.

5 thoughts on “Guns ‘N’ Roses Reunion Tour Likely But Is It A Mistake?

  1. Stevie Simpson

    I saw Guns ‘n Roses at Wembley Arena. They had been such a phenomena when Appetite…. came out. Like Van Halen before them, that debut album was a stunner. But you’re right Axl was an arsehole an’ when we bought an’ got home an’ played Use Your Illusion 1 an’ 2, I discovered I was weary of them very quickly. Two separate recordings, two lots of cash for, in my opinion, what would’ve possibly made one good album. We went to the gig an’ after that I was done. Axl was a good showman but he was also such a prima donna. I watched over the next dog knows how many years it took to get Chinese Democracy out whilst change after change was made with the lineup. Bored.
    I shall not be puttin’ my hand in my pocket or more likely takin’ out a second mortgage to see what I accept will never be the band that made Appetite…..
    CHEERS !!

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    1. The Sound of Summer Post author

      Hey Stevie, You are 100% right in all aspects and I know that you and I share a musical outlook. To be honest I would probably only go to see them if 1) I was working photographing the gig or 2) if they play any of the festivals I go to. I suspect that they will play Reading this year in which case I will watch them.

      catch you soon shipmate, until then take care.


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