My 2015 Blogging Year In Review

As 2015 draws to a close the happiness engineers at WordPress have sent our end of year review winging its way to our inboxes.

As the year draws to a close it is always nice to reflect on the goals we set ourselves at the end of last year.  As I look back I am stunned as to how far my blog has advanced and I am delighted to say that I achieved most of the goals I set myself at the beginning of the year.

At the end of 2014 I set out to double my number of followers, increase engagement on my blog and to achieve an average number of 150 visitors per post.  I also undertook a post a day photo challenge.

I some ways I have enjoyed a level of success that has totally exceeded my hopes much less my expectations.

It wasn’t all a one way street though so I have plenty to improve upon in 2016 🙂

My post a day photo challenge was a partial success.  I didn’t quite manage a photographic post a day.  Spending so much time away from home at music festivals, often without an internet connection, meant that I couldn’t post every day.  That said I did post many thousand of photographs and the purpose was to improve my photography, something I think I have achieved.  I had hoped that others would join the challenge to help keep me motivated but sadly that didn’t happen.

Over the year I managed to make 629 posts on my blog, I am thrilled to have been so active especially as I now write for three other sites and am the live music editor at a major music site.  This has all come about as a result of blogging on wordpress.

I managed a 92 day streak of posting every day, and the number of views on my blog hit almost 292,707 times.  If the stats quoted on the WordPress e-mail are correct that means I had more views that the Louvre museum in Paris!!

That weighs in at an average of 465 views per post more than treble the target I set at the beginning of the year.  My best day saw me achieve 18,937 views, an incredible number.

Over the course of the year my number of followers has increased from just over 1200 to almost 30,000.  The vast majority of those followers are on Twitter though and whilst the social media platform does drive engagement to my site most of my visitors come via facebook.

I am slightly disappointed that visitor engagement has been less that one comment per post.  I don’t try to be controversial so that may be partly responsible for relatively low engagement.  This is something I will try to improve over the course of the next year.

I love blogging on wordpress and I am thrilled by the progress I have made over the past year.  I am setting myself a massive target for 2016.  In the 18 months since I started blogging I have had 341,970 views.  By the end of 2016 I want to push this to 1 million views.  It is a massive target but with a big effort I think it is achievable.

I currently have 29,765 followers and over the next year I hope to double that to 60K.

I wish each and every person who has visited my blog a very happy and prosperous new year and I hope that all of your blogging resolutions are successful ones.



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