Stroke Of Midnight-Heartache

Today’s daily prompt asks what we were doing at the stroke of midnight last night and if we would have wished to be anywhere else.

In truth 2015 was a wonderful year for my family and I.  Amongst the highlights my wife started a new job last January that she really loves, My son did brilliantly in his GCSE’s and is now studying hard for his ‘A’ levels.  We spent Christmas abroad on holiday but returned feeling ill with a bug or a touch of food poisoning.  As a result we cancelled a planned new-year party and for the first time in many years spent new-year without my best and oldest friend.

During the evening my friend rang to give me some awful news.  A mutual friend that we served in the Navy with back in the late 1970’s collapsed and died at his home in Spain yesterday.

Roy was a gentle giant of a man, kind, funny, thoughtful and real gentleman.  My friend Steve and I were planning a trip to Spain in February or March to catch up with Roy and his wife Christine but now he is gone.  Just like that.

As a result I spent a few minutes sat in my garden at midnight, alone with a glass of good scotch whisky.  It was a cold clear evening, the stars twinkling, as the clock struck midnight and the fireworks took to the skies I shed a tear and raised a glass to Roy.

I wish you fair winds and calm seas old friend.  Each year from here on I will raise a glass in your memory as the year ends.


5 thoughts on “Stroke Of Midnight-Heartache

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      1. joyroses13

        You are welcome and shocks like that makes the loss so much harder I believe. It is always hard to lose someone but when its so sudden and unexpected, I think the pain cuts harder into the heart. Thanks for the good wishes and I hope your year will be blessed as well! Hopefully it can turn out to be a good year like 2015 was for you all!

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