Clean For The Queen? You Couldn’t Make It Up!

The hashtag #CleanForTheQueen has been trending on Twitter for most of the day.

According to the Telegraph this is all about a campaign to clean up Britain’s country side in honour of  Queen Elizabeths 90th birthday. At first glance you might think that this is a laudable aim.

Of course nothing is ever that simple in addition to the campaign fines for littering will double to £150 and members of the public are being urged to challenge people dropping rubbish in public places, as part of a new crackdown on litter louts.

There is no questioning that littering is a problem in the UK.  Take a look at the mess left behind by festival goers at Glastonbury and reading festival goers and you begin to understand why it costs local authorities around £1 billion a year to clear an estimates 100 million tons of rubbish from our streets each year.

Clean for the queen

The problem is that by linking the anti-litter campaign to the Queen the campaigners have unleashed a totally unanticipated whirlwind.

The basic problem is linked straight back to the Queens failure to pay her own cleaning staff the living wage.  Back in 2012 the Guardian reported that Queen Elizabeths cleaning staff were paid the not so princely sum of £6.67 per hour.  The living wage in London at that time was calculated at  £8.55.

Many people are asking why on earth we commoners should clean-up in the name of a Queen who fails to pay her own staff a living wage?

Nothing illustrates the strength of the UK’s class system more clearly.  Nothing shows the gap between rich and poor in more stark contrast than this.

This simply has to be the most crass and inappropriate media campaign ever devised!



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