Pop Punk Singer EFA Drops Her Debut track

According to my friends over at Essentially Pop EFA is an Irish singer-songwriter who’s been honing her craft since she could talk.

Aoife Geary grew up in Conemarra, wildest and most rugged part of Ireland’s west coast.  As EFA she has now relocated to London to pursue her music career and I am delighted to share that track with you.

EFA’s debut is called “Bottom Of The Glass” and it shows that EFA has brought a little piece of that Irish wildness with her.  With this track I detect a nod to Tuesday Night Music Club era Sheryl Crowe.

EFA set out to create a pop/rock party anthem with some lyrics in the Irish language mixed in. The guitar work is very promising as it takes the track along at a fair old lick, but it is the lyrics that grab your attention, they are full of pop-punk angst with more than a dose of Irish wit thrown in.

EFA wrote the song and it was produced in London by Danish producer Rasmus Bom Andersen and Mastered @ Metropolis by John Davis (Led Zeppelin, The Prodigy, U2, Years and Years, etc)

EFA shows a great deal of promise with “Bottom Of The Glass” and is already getting airplay on Radio in Ireland, UK and Europe.

EFA is on Facebook and you can check out her YouTube channel here.  EFA’s debut track is available for download on iTunes

Sing out here if you want to be heard!

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