Las Vegas EDM Festivals to Look Forward to in 2016

Las Vegas EDM Festivals to Look Forward to in 2016

If you are a fan of Electronic Dance Music it looks like Las Vegas, Nevada might just be the place to be during the summer of 2016

When the Electric Daisy Carnival launched during the summer of 2011, it completely changed the image of Las Vegas being the entertainment capital. What was once a city, which solely centered on the glitzy casino life is now known as a destination with a unique musical landscape, joining New York City and others in becoming a hotspot for musical festivals, particularly ones for electronic music.

What brought on the Vegas obsession with EDM outdoor parties, you might ask? Over the last several years, casino operators have seen drastic changes in visitor experiences, with tourists searching for something beyond the gambling scene. With evolving expectations in addition to dwindling gaming profits due to online hubs supplying sizeable bonuses and mobile play options, operators have started investing in music fests to renew people’s interest in Sin City, resulting in more sonic parties for everyone to enjoy.

Here’s a list of electronic music festivals for you to check out in the new year:

Exodus Festival, May 19-23
To kick off the 2016 summer festivities, Exodus brings you four days of nonstop parties from pool parties to nightclub affairs. Taking place in several different venues across several casino resorts, this event is filled dancing, booze and fun. Although the nightclubs welcome a host of different musicians from various genres, expect a great selection of DJs such as Zedd, Tiesto, and Steve Aoki to keep the party alive.

Las Vegas EDM Festivals to Look Forward to in 2016

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Electric Daisy Carnival, June 17-19
The epic music fest that started it all is coming back to the Las Vegas Motor Speedway next summer, bigger than ever before. Along with the world-class lineup of electronic artists, the music is complemented with crazy live shows, fireworks, smoke machines, lasers, water cannons, confetti, body painting stations and festival goers dressed in vibrant colored costumes.

Las Vegas EDM Festivals to Look Forward to in 2016

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Life is Beautiful, September (exact dates TBA)
Relatively new to the Las Vegas festival calendar is Life is Beautiful, a celebration of culture that’s truly unlike any other. Taking place downtown on Fremont Street and South 7th Street, attendees will get to visit different stages, watching various EDM producers and other musicians while sampling culinary creations by celebrity chefs. Art exhibits will also be available to showcase new and respected names in the industry.

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