Tobias Ben Jacob & Lukas Drinkwater – Square And Compass

My word I have some truly talented friends.  Last evening saw my wife and I jumping into the car for the short drive to Square & Compass in the tiny Dorset village of Worth Matravers.

The pub is tiny and homely with a great range of beers and ciders.  It is a real taste of old Dorset, it has been an alehouse since 1776, but you can be assured of a very warm welcome.  The pub also puts on a range of musical that would be the envy of many a large venue.

Lukas and Tobias-3

The Square and Compass is essentially divided into two cosy rooms separated by a corridor.  Bar service is through a hatch in the wall in the corridor.  It is a small cosy and incredibly intimate venue  as Tobias Ben Jacob and Lukas Drinkwater played a beautiful set to an unbelievably attentive audience.  The room the boys played in only holds about 40 people at a squeeze but the sound is superb and the atmosphere was absolutely superb.  As the gig was about to start there was a lovely buzz in the room as Saturday night drinkers enjoyed their beer.

As soon as Tobias and Lukas started to play an almost reverential silence descended as people watched and listened totally engrossed.  The set opened with an incredibly intricate instrumental piece that segued into “The Devil and Tobias Ben Jacob.”  This song with its whispered lyrics was a stroke of genius as it ensured that everyone was paying rapt attention.

It is amazing how much Tobias and Lukas’ sound has developed in the fairly short time they have been playing together.  There is a chemistry between Lukas and Tobias when they play.  Even with such incredibly talented musicians it takes time to develop the almost telepathic understanding that Lukas and Tobias enjoy.  Lukas’ percussive bass work compliments Tobias’ intricate guitar work superbly well their voices also compliment each other wonderfully well.

Lukas and Tobias-1

As the evening progressed we were treated to almost two hours of top class entertainment as Tobias and Lukas progressed through their set we were treated to all of the tracks from their recently released The Burning Low.  The highlight of the evening for me was a beautiful rendition of “It’s Still A Beautiful World.”  Other highlights included covers of Dylan’s “Shelter From The Storm” and a version of “Blind Willie McTell” that rivals the master himself in terms of its passion and delivery.

You can’t help but feel that Lukas and Tobias are creating something really very special here.  They are working on a full length album at present and with luck we will see that in the coming months.  In all  a brilliant nights entertainment from two of the nicest guys in the music business.

Lukas and Tobias-2

The Square & Compass website is here but for information on upcoming shows it is worth checking out their Facebook page.

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