Words Are Louder Than Bombs – Are Writers being Silenced

Something very disturbing may be afoot.  It looks like writers are being silenced in a move that is more in keeping with Hitlers Nazi Germany than the modern day western world.  I don’t mind telling you that I am feeling somewhat paranoid.

Regular readers will be aware that in my paid writing I write about popular culture for a US based news aggregation service.  Over the past few months I have become engrossed with goings-on with pop group One Direction.

It’s fair to say that everyone knows that the music business is incredibly manipulative with the “middle-men” taking a huge cut of bands earnings.  It is also established fact that without publicity bands have less than zero chance of making it big.  For bands like One Direction image is all important.  Without the publicity machine bands drop off the radar as quickly as they arrived.

Across the globe billions is paid to PR companies to promote music.  When, like one Direction you develop into a £1 billion brand nothing must be allowed to damage the image that has been carefully cultivated.

Over the years we have seen all manner of stunts from bands and their PR teams to keep the name in the papers.  Through the years we have seen closeted gay stars forced deeper into their closets.  We have seen stars marry and even have children to maintain a straight image.

As most people will no doubt be aware it has long been rumored that one Direction stars Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson are a couple.  Styles has never denied the rumors but fans suspect that Tomlinson and Styles have been forced to conceal their sexuality and have been fed a seemingly never ending stream of “fake” girlfriends to help maintain a squeaky clean and “straight” image.

Many One Direction fans also feel that the band have been badly let down by their management team.  From Simon Cowell to Modest management to HJPR fans feel that a web of deceit has been spun to take advantage of One Directions fans.

My own writing has discussed these issues on numerous occasions but two articles I wrote last Saturday give a strong insight into goings-on that are at the very least shady.  There has even been strong evidence to suggest that Louis Tomlinson’s baby is not real.

The posts can be read here and here.

Over the past few weeks I have been talking to another couple of writers who have written articles about some of the same issues I have been discussing.  Aaron Butterfield recently wrote a fantastic article outlining some of the issues for Breathe Heavy.  Aaron’s second piece has had to be delayed as a result of some skullduggery around his employers.

Another writer, who goes by the non-de-plume Sex At Oxbridge was writing an article on Buzzfeed earlier today when she was kicked off the site mid-article and was unable to log in again.  All of her articles about One Direction have since been deleted.  You can read about the experience here.

I fully accept that I may just be being paranoid but I really do wonder if these two writers have been nobbled by One Direction’s management through their employers.  After all if Simon Cowell comes along with a bunch of lawyers and wielding his cheque book like a  deadly weapon people tend to listen.

Music and writing are often about opinions.  Everyone is entitled to them.  The big outlets have all the resources to shout down the little guy with their access to the major news outlets.  One thing I do know is that cover-ups and misinformation is something that we face in every facet of our lives on a daily basis.  The only defence is for those involved in the media in whatever way to be allowed to speak out and expose wrongdoing when it comes to life.  Censorship has no place in a democratic society but I truly believe that these writers are being censored for one reason or another.

Censorship exists for one reason and one reason alone.  To cover up things powerful people do not want the general populace to know.  I now wait with baited breathe so see if attempts will be made to censor my own writing.  As I sit writing this one part of me says that I am deluded, that I am seeing something that isn’t there,  but am I?  Time will tell.

If you are concerned about censorship I would appreciate it if you shared this article around your social media feeds.


5 thoughts on “Words Are Louder Than Bombs – Are Writers being Silenced

  1. Llloyd B

    The ‘Nazi Germany’ comparison is so silly and self-aggrandising. Get over yourselves.

    You repeatedly and amateurishly accused very powerful people of being liars with zero evidence. Surprise surprise, it came back to bite you.


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  3. R

    I’m not going to say you’re ‘deluded’, because that word carries a lot on it, but I’m heavily side-eyeing you if you think that Nazi Germany is an appropriate comparison here, or that it’s not offensive as hell to say that. It must be very exciting for y’all to think your articles on One Direction are so subversive that they’d threaten giant corporate entities and expose terrible truths instead of facing the reality that all you’re doing is reposting fanfiction and participating in the bullying a week old infant and his mother.

    The most likely explanation for Buzzfeed removing those articles is because other users flagged them as offensive content, which Buzzfeed then reviewed and agreed with. It’s an open platform so that writer had the right to publish whatever she wanted, but their guidelines clearly state that “If you make something unpleasant that’s deliberately designed to antagonize people, or something that is full of false and misleading information, there’s a strong chance that your post will be deleted.” Buzzfeed is not in the business of posting the kind of “edgy citizens journalism” y’all clearly fancy yourself doing, and it’s not the first time they have deleted things that are incendiary and ill sourced.

    Ditto to whatever happened with Aaron and his employers.I didn’t contact anyone about that, but I know other fans did. Larries like to say they are the biggest force in the fandom, but they’re just often the loudest. Many of us tolerate/ignore them because as long as they aren’t harassing people, why not let them do their thing? Why spend time and energy telling them that they’re wrong when we could spend our free time engaging with One Direction on a more positive level? Does it really matter to me if some random people on the Internet think Louis isn’t really a father if they’re keeping it to their own tumblrs? However, when people who are calling themselves journalists start to write things to ‘debunk’ the existence of a week old baby using faulty and downright embarrassing logic that they’ve taken from those tumblrs, people get rightfully pissed.

    Y’all aren’t being censored. You’re just facing the consequences of sloppy, clickbait, agenda driven writing. Do better.



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