Son Primo - My Ruin - Album Review

Son Primo – My Ruin – album review

Son Primo - My Ruin - Album ReviewSon Primo

My Ruin (Self Released)


Available now

Rating 8/10

I first came across Manchester alt-rock outfit Son Primo on last years excellent Charity album Bostin’ Days, a double album of covers of Levellers songs released to raise cash for the Devon Air Ambulance. Their cover of the Levellers “3 Friends” was excellent so I was looking forward to checking out the self released album My Ruin.

I guess the first thing to say about any self-release is a comment on the quality of the recording and Son Primo certainly score here because My Ruin is beautifully mastered and engineered and the cover art is superbly photographed.

Album opener “Stoner Daydreams” gives an instant feel of what you will experience for the following 45 minutes and nine-tracks.  The track is a grower and features soaring guitar riffs over Robby Edgar’s slightly gruff vocal.  The addition of keyboards halfway through the track adds both depth and texture to the track.  I felt that this track reminded me very much of the Kaiser Chiefs, it’s great stuff.

Son Primo - My Ruin - Album Review

Title track “My Ruin” stays in the same indie-rock vibe but this one reminded me of Snow Patrol.  It is a song of missed opportunities and regret, a reminder to look after your relationships whilst you can.  “Spun Out” gives us a change of pace as the baseline dominates the early part of the song before those guitar riffs kick in and take over.

As we hit the middle of the album two mighty songs kick in.  Both weighing in at over seven minutes “Tinted Eyes” and “Icarus Looking Skywards” are very much the backbone of the piece.  The former opens with a deep bass groove that builds slowly to the introduction of guitars as the pace of the track accelerates.  The track has the feel of a power ballad but the lyrics are far from a love ballad.  Instead it speaks of the futility of looking to others for validation and there is more than a hint of bitterness across the piece.

The latter has a more fanciful and experimental feel to it as the keyboards and strings give the track a more free and flighty vibe.  It feels contemplative and perhaps slightly introspective and it is totally absorbing, the sort of track where you lock into it and suddenly, despite being over seven minutes long, it is over.  It’s the kind of track that leaves you exploring time and again as you search for the hidden meaning that it hints at throughout.  It truly is a beautiful track, it is worth buying the album for this track alone.

“The One” almost delivers a shock after the previous track as we move to a much more aggressive vibe. It is one of the heavier tracks on the album and certainly adds a new dimension.  A dimension that is continued through the next track.

Album closer “Wasting Time” is perhaps the most out and out rock track on the piece, the slightly distorted guitar and vocal melds with syncopated drum rhythm which harks back to the golden days of rock music.

Overall My Ruin is a very good album, one which rewards repeated listens and one I anticipate will be on my playlist for quite some time to come.

Son Primo are on the Internet here: They are also on Facebook.


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