So Now I’m Part Of The ‘Babygate’ Cover UP

Earlier today I made it clear that I was no longer going to write articles about the Louis Tomlinson babygate saga.  I have been humbled by the fact that most fans on twitter understand exactly where I am coming from but it seems that some think I am now part of the babygate cover-up.

I am both amused and flattered that people think I am important enough to have been paid off or silenced 🙂  I am simply a guy with a thirst for truth and honesty who has a few thousand readers of his articles each week.  If I ever get to the stage where I am actually important enough to be silenced I will be sure to let you know 🙂

Most of the accusations seem to have stemmed from this Tumblr account.

Here is the post and below it my response in case they choose not to publish my response.

Anonymous asked: I get that Alan was probably used prior to the baby being born to add to the confusion and also spread good, and true, stories about Louis in the face of some bad press. So it really bothers me, now that he’s either been told to back off or is just going with a changing tide, that his reasoning is that speculation is hurting Louis and his family. It’s the same thing as Larries ruining their friendship. If they didn’t want or like speculation, they shouldn’t have added to it and encouraged it.

I agree with what you’re saying here. Really makes you wonder who’s been pulling the strings on Alan.


Its Alan Ewart from Inquisitr here. A friend sent me a link to your tumblr when they saw the comments being made about me being some sort of plant or having been paid off.

Firstly I don’t want to disappoint you but no-one has ever used me to write anything about Louis or anyone else nor was I ever asked to help spread confusion.

I simply write what I believe to be newsworthy.  We all have our own views on the whole babygate drama and I still think it stinks.  Believe me if any firm news emerges I will be all over it in a flash.

At present I think I have made my views on babygate pretty clear but there is nothing new to report and as Inquisitr deals in trending news I have no intention of simply repeating myself ad-nauseum.

The attacks by some fans on Louis’ family yesterday were pretty sick so that why I am stepping back from babygate until something new emerges.

I will continue to look for information about stunts and misleading information and I will report it if and when I find it.

I have been totally open about why I report Louis the way I do.  The information is on my personal website for anyone who cares to read it.

I know that some of you think that there is a conspiracy behind every corner and I am kind of amused that you think I am important enough to be included as part of some cover up.

I’m simply a guy whose articles get read by a few thousand people each week.  I try to be honest in what I write and will continue to do so.  I’m sure that you will be able to dream up some reason or other as to why I have chosen to stop reporting babygate for the time being.  The truth is that I am simply tired of the whole thing, it has spilt over into personal abuse and bullying of Louis family and I want to distance myself from that for ethical reasons.

There it is.  You can choose to believe what you wish 🙂

Peace & Love


5 thoughts on “So Now I’m Part Of The ‘Babygate’ Cover UP

  1. Anonymous

    A very balanced response to somewhat obsessive behaviour. It is virtually impossible for any member of the genera;l public to discern what is ‘ truth’ whenever PR is involved. That said, all babies are innocent of the circumstances of their birth and should never be embroiled in media speculation. Babies are strictly off limits in my view and curious people will just have to live with never knowing the whole story in order to protect the innocent.


  2. Lina Jo

    Well, it should show you now that some of the “Larries” will never accept the truth. The only truth they will accept is that Louis and Harry is dating and if the baby exist it is definitely not Louis’. That is their truth and their only truth.

    Everything else is a stunt and the evil management is forcing Louis and his family to follow this narrative. So there you have it. You are now part of it and helping the evil management.

    I feel so bad for Louis and his family to have to hear things like this ALL the time. ALL the time. And you have been helping those Larries with some of your articles seeming to be on their side. If I remember correctly I think you wrote that you think Louis is gay. So you would be a perfect Larrie friend to them.

    Is it really such a wonder Louis never wanted to speak about him becoming a father? I mean, seriously, whatever he would have said would have been wrong in the eyes of frankly very judgmental fans. Accidents do happen whether you’re a celebrity or not. Perhaps he didn’t announce the baby as most fathers do, but his situation were not that of a happy couple expecting their first child together either so maybe, just maybe, he wanted (and still want) to keep the lid on but of course he went about trying to get that in a naive way.

    Anyway. I am so glad you will take a step back on the babygate theories and that you’ve realized it is only hurting Louis and his family to keep spinning on this. I wish more reporters would realize this.


  3. V

    Based on the way larries reacted to you, it should now be clear how manipulative they are. All of their evidence (that you were taken in by) was gained in this manner, by them twisting perfectly normal occurrences. I would advise you to think very hard before repeating their theories in future. It’s made you quite the joke. There is no conspiracy in the One Direction fandom, it’s all manufactured by crazy fans, and they are best left alone to overcome their mental deficiencies without being encouraging by enterprising ‘journalists’.


  4. Aude

    But… Mags is one of the only “big larries” blogs who might agree with you about babygate ? She doesn’t speculate about it anymore since the birth, and kind of accept the baby as Louis’ and she received really nasty messages and lost followers because of that ! Some other blogs are a lot more virulent about you, so i don’t understand why you decide to call her out publicly.



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