Was Harry Styles Under Orders To Swerve The Brits?

It says much that one of the biggest stories that merged from this years Brit Awards this year is that one Direction’s Harry Styles swerved last nights Brit Awards.

The Manchester Evening News reported that fans are in a panic following reports that Harry Styles did not join his One Direction bandmates at the Brit Awards last night.  For those who do not keep up with Harry Styles or One Direction the pop group are about to head into a hiatus after five-years on the road.

Styles recently sacked One Direction’s management team as he looks to launch a solo career.  Harry has signed to the Azoff organisation and Dawbell PR for his solo representation as he puts distance between himself and Simon Cowell.

According to the Sun Styles “snubbed his bandmates” when he did not attend the Brits.  For many people Styles’ decision was a strange one as One Direction were in the running for a couple of awards.  In Styles absence Louis Tomlinson and Liam Payne were on hand to collect the award for the best video for the third year on the bounce.

You have to question why Styles did not attend because he is in London.  I wonder if Styles’absence from the awards was something that he was advised not to do by his new management team?

Styles former bandmate Zayn Malik spent the best part of a year distancing himself from his One Direction past before launching his smash hit single “Pillow Talk.”  You have to wonder whether or not Styles new management see Harry tracing a similar path before launching his own solo material.

If you are a fan of Harry Styles and One Direction I would love to hear your thoughts on why Styles swerved the Brits.  It could be that Styles is just as bored by award shows as the rest of us but given the history you have to suspect that there are forces at play behind the scenes.

Let me know what you think below

11 thoughts on “Was Harry Styles Under Orders To Swerve The Brits?

  1. Karen sivier

    I think it was probably too awkward having newan age mentioned. With the band on hiatus he prob isn’t technically underoldest any more . So when they invited their acts to attend modest prob didn’t invite harry. It looked from his instructor post that he desperately wanted to be there. I feel gutted for him that he can’t just do what he wants. Also with louis and liam presenting an award maybe it would have been awkward to not be involved in that. Sad for harry he is a sweetheart. He should have turned up anyway. I guess once it eckhart niall wain’t going harry couldn’t either.


  2. sehirablue

    …and,,,,you totally neglected to mention that Niall was not their either. I was giving you the benefit of the doubt, however, I have been in this fandom long enough to be suspicious of things like this. Guess we know for sure why you changed your tune on the whole 1D thing….sigh


    1. The Sound of Summer Post author

      oh for crying out loud, I didn’t mention Niall because he wasn’t relevant to the question I was posing. If you check my articles on the subject on Inquisitr I mention the fact very clearly that “Harry snubbed his bandmates” whilst Niall was “just on holiday.” I was asking for peoples thoughts not for anything else….sigh…..


  3. Violet Hour (@KellanCougar)

    His instagram post is the obvious clue. No generic thank you on twitter – this time we got a full colour (and how often does he post in colour? Almost never, that’s how often) picture with a personal message on it. I think Harry was following orders by staying home but letting the fans know he cares and wanted to be there. Funny how Teflon Niall isn’t accused of ‘swerving’ or ‘snubbing’ in the press. Personally, and this is only my opinion, I think Niall stayed away just so the press couldn’t say Harry doesn’t care any more. I think he took a stand and stayed away so that the official narrative is more blurred in a show of bandmate solidarity.

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  4. justcompassionjoy

    Personally I believe that Harry was sending a message. Not quite sure what the message was, but I will NEVER believe that Harry is not a gentleman, who loves his fans and is now working with a better class of management. Never underestimate Harry’s intelligence. He knows what he’s doing. And he is winning at life!

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