Donald Trump – A Hate Filled Madman

I have just sat through a news report on Donald Trump’s behaviour at some of his recent political rally’s.  I normally avoid the very mention of that sick, demented, racist, bigoted loudmouth as I despise him almost as much as I despise David Cameron, George Osborne and Iain Duncan Smith.

I was appalled to see that Trump could act with seeming impunity when he openly, in the eyes of television crews, tells his supporters to beat up anyone who dares to disagree with him.  In several occasions Trump openly says that he would “smash people in the face” and says he will pay the legal fees of anyone who assaults someone who dares to protest against him.

Of course all of this is entirely in keeping with Trumps personality, he was a bully at school, even get expelled for it.  He was both a bully and a mama’s boy whilst at military school.

Can you imagine how Trump would attempt to bully the world were he to become president of the USA?  Sadly he now looks unstoppable and it seems that the worlds worst nightmare will be heading to the Whitehouse.  A school bully becomes the worlds most powerful man.  Sadly Trump make Bush look like he was both educated and reasonable.  I genuinely despair especially as it looks like the alternate choice could well be Hillary Clinton, another crook who would do anything in the pursuit of power.

Today I simply sit and despair!

3 thoughts on “Donald Trump – A Hate Filled Madman

  1. keithosaunders

    I blame the American people more so than Trump, who have been systematically dumbed down by years of reality TV and corporate influence. Trump has unleashed a dormant racism and that’s on the populace.


      1. joyroses13

        As an American let me be sure to say that me and ALOT Of other Americans dislike Trump just as much as you! And sitting in despair at what could happen in this election if Americans don’t wake up!! And yes our society has been dumbed down by reality tv and so much more. IT is true, but know that there are still those of us who are Smart and realize what a scary thing it would be for Trump to be President! Just hope there is enough of us that vote!!


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