A Celebration Of The Queens Birthday (Sort Of)

Conventional wisdom dictates that we become more conservative as we age.  Let me tell you that is not the case for me or indeed for many of the amazing people I spend my summers with at the numerous music festivals I attend.

Admittedly many of those who inhabit the world I live in during the UK summer were probably sitting comfortably at the anarchistic end of the political spectrum to begin with. As I and many of my friends have come to realise the “system” is geared to make the rich richer and to support privilege and the class system.


Sitting right at the top of this rotten and corrupt system sits Queen Elizabeth and her bloodsucking inbred family.  Royalty is the epitome of the class system a system that rewards unearned privilege on the backs of the poor.  A system that benefits the 1% at the expense of the rest of us.  Lets be clear, we do not need a Royal Family lording it over us.


Back in 1977 the Sex Pistols shocked then establishment when they celebrated the Queens silver jubilee with their version of “God Save The Queen.”  Fast forward to 2016 and the Queen is about to celebrate her 90th birthday and my good friends from Muddy Summers and the Dirty Field Whores are celebrating the event in style.

Just after midnight tonight they release a new single titled “3PM,”  a nod to the Queens Christmas message to the Commonwealth which airs at 3PM on Christmas Day.

The song is brilliantly produced and the accompanying video is an absolute classic as Muddy Summers inform us that the Queen is “all furs coats and incontinence knickers.”

There is no doubt that “3PM” has its comic moments but actually, as you would expect, it highlights the obscenity of inherited wealth and the inequality built into an anachronistic system in which Royalty enjoy a life of privilege while so many are reliant on food banks. It highlights the craziness of a system in which our taxes pay for a Royal Family whilst taking cash away from the mentally ill, the destitute and the disabled.

The video has not been released as yet but I will share it when it becomes available to the public.

On a side note the record is being released as a way to raise funds to record a new album, a project deserving of your support.  You can buy it on iTunes and Amazon and I will post the links as soon as the song goes on sale tonight.

If you do not know already Gail from Muddy Summers runs three fantastic grass roots festivals over the summer months.  These are incredible events, the music lineup is second to none and you will go a very long way to find a more relaxed, friendly and enjoyable three days for £50.  You can find more information here or on Facebook  you should really try to get along to one of Gail’s events, they are amazing.





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