An Open Letter To Billy Bragg

Dear Billy,

By now you probably expect that when someone posts an open letter it will be some sort of rant about some subject or other.  You may be relieved to know that this is not an open letter like that.  Instead it is a letter of thanks, perhaps oddly a letter of thanks for reducing me to tears.

In recent years I have sometimes found it difficult to understand why you have stuck so steadfastly to your belief in the Labour Party.  As the party moved to the right I found it difficult to understand how you could still support them.  I was prepared to write them off as Tory lite but as Mr Corbyn took charge I can once again say that Labour is standing up for my personal beliefs.

Billy Bragg-5

On Saturday at Bearded Theory festival you managed to reignite my passion and showed the assembled fans that your own passion for social justice still burns fiercely in your breast.  Seeing the crowd, fists raised in solidarity with the working man and woman, with those displaced by war and with those risking their lives crossing the Mediterranean in search of a better life brought a lump to my throat.

It was however your rendition of “Scousers  Never Buy The Sun” that finally did for me.  It was appropriate to remember the 96 fans who died at Hillsborough.  It was appropriate to remember the sacrifices that their families have made in pursuit of justice for the loved ones they lost.  I truly hope that those responsible for the mistakes that cost so many lives are finally held accountable for those fatal errors.

Of course to err is to be human.  It wasn’t the mistakes that is the real injustice of Hillsborough, it was the cover-up that was the real crime.

Police, politicians, Thatcher’s government and scum journalists like the Sun conspired and colluded to blame the victims for their failings.  Admittedly at the time of Hillsborough the UK had a real problem with football hooliganism so fans were seen as an easy scapegoat.  What happened next was enough to make you hang your head in shame to be British.

The bravery of the Hillsborough families for over a quarter of a century reminds us that for evil to flourish it needs only for good men to do nothing. The Hillsborough families fought their battle against seemingly incalculable odds and yet they prevailed.  To their never ending credit they fought their battle with dignity, respect and incredible fortitude.  We should be proud of every man, woman and child who refused to allow the Sun to tarnish the memories of their loved one.

Billy Bragg-3

So thank you Billy for helping us to remember.  Thank you for paying a tribute that had the tears streaming down my face.  As I looked around I could see that I was not the only person in tears.  My wife was weeping and there were tears in the eyes of everyone I looked at.

The most damaging aspect of Thatcherism was the lie that so many bought.  There is no such thing as society, the unions were an anachronism, a bar to productivity and collective protest was futile.  The Hillsborough families have taught us that “together we are strong.”  We can change the future if we speak up and stand together against injustice.  We can bring the institutions, no matter how big and powerful, to heel but only if we use out collective voice to stand up for what is right.

I hope that the Hillsborough families will take comfort from the fact that the 96 have been exonerated.  I extend to them my total admiration.

To you Billy I extend my heartfelt thanks for a wonderful tribute to the 96 and their families.  May your fire burn ever brighter and may you keep fighting for what you so passionately believe in.



5 thoughts on “An Open Letter To Billy Bragg

  1. BayJayZus (@BayJayZus)

    I too visited Bearded Theory at the weekend and was also present when Billy Bragg performed the impressive “Scousers don’t buy the SUN” however in contrast to the author his subsequent rant turned me off completely and I actually left the arena at that point to find something less irritating.

    It’s not that I don’t agree with Billy Bragg (generally I do) but I find him lacking when compared with the far more eloquent Atilla The Stockbroker (also at Bearded Theory) who often made similar points but managed to make them far more concisely and effectively (and most importantly only felt the need to make them once!). in comparison Billy Bragg’s repetitive diatribe always seems a little self-important!?

    I may well be a minority in this view but in my opinion less is more Billy!


    1. The Sound of Summer Post author

      An interesting view. I don’t think Billy “Ranted” at all and he was fairly concise in the points he was making.

      I have the obverse view about Attila the Stockbroker. I find his monologues a bit monotonous.
      Different strokes for different folks as they say



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