Download Festival – Artists Saturday

A week ago we were dodging the rain at Download Festival and watching some great bands at the same time.

Here are a few photos of the bands that captured my imagination a week ago today.

5 thoughts on “Download Festival – Artists Saturday

      1. steharris

        I know, I had to run out of there to see Sabbath just before the finished, the crowd was so big for the stage. I don’t understand why they were on the 2nd stage.


      2. The Sound of Summer Post author

        I am glad they were as the atmosphere and sound is so much better at the 2nd stage. I don’t really watch much on the main stage. I gave up on Sabbath after Ozzy murdered war pigs


      3. steharris

        Sabbath were the first band I ever listened too and I’ve never seen them before so I had to watch them. They were ok, rammstein blew everyone away for me.


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