Why David Cameron’s Desperate 2015 Gambit Was Political Suicide

For many David Cameron will go down in history for all the wrong reasons. According to the Independent Cameron was the U.K.’s worst Prime Minister in over 100-years. Cameron’s decade long leadership of the Conservative party will soon come to an end and his legacy will be as the man who led the U.K. into walking out of the European Union. It is ironic that when Cameron took the leadership of the Conservative’s it was as a unifying force. Cameron was the man who could unite his party by answering the European question for once and for all. After announcing his resignation in the wake of losing the Brexit vote Cameron will doubtless be reflecting on the fact that he was the architect of his own destruction.
Read more at http://www.inquisitr.com/3242624/why-david-camerons-desperate-2015-gambit-was-political-suicide/#B2vteXdfUYYlmsVE.99

3 thoughts on “Why David Cameron’s Desperate 2015 Gambit Was Political Suicide

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  2. Tony Burgess

    I am in the states and as the results came in I was thinking that David Cameron would be in trouble because of the political capital he spent. I had no idea he would be in resign my office trouble. I am wondering how this will play out with the other parties. UKIP from where I sit will make huge gains in the next election. Labour might improve their situation nationally.


    1. The Sound of Summer Post author

      Time will tell Tony. I think UKIP will now dissapear because their raison de tere no longer exists. Much like the 1980’s Labour is in trouble because of infighting. Tories are divided so arguably also in trouble. I think many of us are hopn g taht we will see a new and moderating party emerge. Many of us firmly believe that no-one represents us, we are in real trouble politically



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