Labour Party Self Destruct Over A Conservative Bun-Fight

Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn is an honourable and decent man.   Corbyn came to lead the party just 10-months ago after an absolute landslide vote from the labour party membership. For years the Labour Party has been losing support from its grass roots because they had become “champagne socialist’s.”  The grass roots saw the party shifting further and further to the right and lost faith in their ability to speak for them.

Under Tony Blair and Gordon Brown the Labour party proudly proclaimed itself as “the party for business.”  They capitulated to the short-termsim so endemic in British politics. They forgot that they re supposed to be the party of the worker.  They even tried to distance themselves from the biggest contributors to the Labour Party coffers, the unions.

Under Ed Miliband the Labour Party made a half-hearted attempt to move back to the left, a move that had support amongst the membership but not within the Parliamentary Labour Party.  When Mr Corbyn was elected by the membership it was a huge shock to the Blairite camp.  Corbyn is unashamedly a left winger who understood why the Labour party has been losing support for decades.  The simple mantra during the 2015 election campaign was “if I want Tory policies I might as well vote Tory.”

It is a huge irony that the Conservative party has struggled for decades over the European Union.  Pro and anti-european factions within the Conservative party have threatened to split the party on numerous occasions now when their chickens have come home to roost and the country has decided it wants to quit the EU it is the Labour Party that is destroying itself over what was a Tory party bun-fight.

In a nutshell the PLP has plotted to destroy Corbyn’s leadership since the day he was elected.  It is true that Corbyn was somewhat unconvincing during the campaign for a “remain” vote in the recent referendum.  The fact is that Corbyn was reluctant to be drawn into the name calling, xenophobia and scare stories that the campaign threw up.  Corbyn has never been 100% committed to the EU and organisation that has been shown to have numerous flaws.

The last few days have shown us that both sides of the EU debate have done nothing but lie and mislead the electorate throughout the campaign.  Both sides showed that self-interest drove their campaign.  Both sides of the debate have spent the last few days telling us the promises they made during the campaign were nothing more than scare stories designed to frighten us into voting their way.

The Brexit campaign have carried the day.  The politicians must now follow the will of the people and implement as good a withdrawal as they can negotiate.

It is both sad and insidious that the PLP are now resigning from Corbyn’s shadow cabinet en-masse.  If we “get rid of Corbyn everything will be OK” they cry.  What the shadow cabinet have failed to understand is that if they succeed in overthrowing Corbyn the Labour party is dead.  How can anyone trust a party that seeks to overthrow its leader at the first sign of trouble.  How can anyone trust a labour Party that goes so directly against the wishes of its membership.

The real irony in all of this is that this was a fight between Conservatives.  They picked the battleground, this was Conservative in-fighting played out before the world and they showed they were more than happy to fight the dirtiest of fights.  Why then does it seem that it is the Labour Party that has been hit with a knockout blow.

2 thoughts on “Labour Party Self Destruct Over A Conservative Bun-Fight

  1. Tony Burgess

    Globalization is going to be with us for a long time. Brexit vote was a fear-based reaction to people feeling they are getting left behind. Labour and other left-leaning political parties around the world are going to have to connect better with the marginalized and the disenfranchised. Immigrants are just trying to find a better and safer place in the world and unfortunately it’s becoming harder to do that.



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