Twenty One Pilots Show Why They Are Rocks Hottest Ticket

Trying to categorise Ohio outfit Twenty One Pilots is enough to give even the most hard-bitten music journalist a headache. Twenty One Pilots music spans so many genre’s that they defy being pigeon-holed, so much so that fans have labelled Twenty One Pilots music as “Schizophrenic pop.” Whatever the genre it cannot be denied that their 2015 album Blurryface has propelled Twenty One Pilots into the big time with huge sales and a sold out tour. Twenty One Pilots rising stock also sees them win prominent billing at major international music festivals including this years Reading and Leeds festivals in August.

1 thought on “Twenty One Pilots Show Why They Are Rocks Hottest Ticket

  1. willnotfade

    Nice one Alan. I saw Twenty One Pilots live earlier in the year at the insistence of a friend. I’d never listened to them before buying tickets to the gig, but I’m so glad I went. Any band that puts that much effort into their showmanship deserves my attention. I have tickets for their return next year and can’t wait to see if they will somehow improve their performance since I saw them last.



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