Ed Sheeran Songs Swamp Spotify and Charts With Third Album ‘Divide’

Ed Sheeran is back. Anyone with even a passing interest in the music industry will be aware that Sheeran dropped off the radar over the past 12 months. Sheeran told his fans that he needed a break after two massive selling albums and years of constant touring. Sheeran may have been out of the public eye, but he certainly hasn’t been idle. During his hiatus, there has been a ton of speculation over who Sheeran might be dating, but we have heard little about Ed’s music.



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Hi, I am Alan. I live in Broadstone, Dorset with my wife, Shirley, my son, Ryan and two dogs called Bailey and Jasper. I have recently retired after working in the Armed Forces and in Public Service since 1977 so I now have a bit more time to do the things I love. Music is a huge part of my life and always has been. I have a broad taste in music and can find something to enjoy in most styles of music. I have always been attracted to music which has something to say, is outside the mainstream and is perhaps a bit rebellious. I guess my early influences were late 1970's Punk and new wave bands, especially those who came out of Northern Ireland where I grew up. I loved Stiff Little Fingers, The Undertones, Rudi, Starjets etc but also bands like The Ramones, The Clash, The Jam and so on. I like singer songwriters including Van Morrison, Springsteen, Neil Young & Bob Dylan and in recent years I have become more interested in folk and acoustic music but I also love the sort of high drive energetic Folk/Punk music delivered by bands like The Levellers, Leatherat, Ferocious Dog and many others who frequent the UK Festival scene. I have long since lost the desire to spend my holidays laying around in the sun and these days am much more likely to be found in a muddy field somewhere in the UK during the festival season.

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