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Fans Should Forget The Glastonbury Ticket Resale And Go To Bearded Theory Instead

Every autumn we see the annual scramble for tickets to Glastonbury festival. On October 9, 2016 tickets for the 250,000 capacity Glastonbury festival sold out in just 35 minutes. Of course, that is not the end of the road for Glastonbury fans. The official Glastonbury festival lineup will be released in the next couple of weeks. Shortly after that, fans who now find that they no longer wish to attend, can cancel their attendance and their Glastonbury tickets will be offered for resale on the official Glastonbury website. There will, of course, be a scramble for the Glastonbury ticket re-sale, but would fans be better advised to go elsewhere, for example to Bearded Theory Festival?

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Rumour Cubes Bearded Theory

Just a few photographs of Rumour Cubes opening the MainStage at Bearded Theory on Sunday 29th May.

Bearded Theory Photos – final batch

Happy weekend everyone, here are the final batch of photographs from Bearded Theory 2016.   Uploaded just before I head off to this weekends festival :).

I hope you enjoyed the photos.  See you all again next year.

Bearded Theory Photo’s – batch 4

Good morning everyone.  This will be my penultimate set of photos from Bearded Theory last week.

I hope these help you to relive an incredible weekend.

Bearded Theory Photos – Batch 3

It is already Wednesday and I am still reflecting on just how brilliant Bearded Theory festival was.  The team at Bearded Theory have definitely found a winning formula, a template for just how well a festival can be run.

That said it is the wonderful people who attend festivals that create the atmosphere that makes a festival really special.  Thank you to all of the wonderful people who came together to create a truly wonderful atmosphere.  You make festivals what they are.

Bearded Theory Photos Batch 2

Morning all, I hope you are recovering after an awesome weekend at Bearded Theory.  here is another small batch of my photos for you to enjoy.

Bearded Theory – Wow!

Wow, what a weekend at Bearded Theory.  Incredible weather, brilliant bands and spending time with my festival family – just fantastic.

Lots to come over the next few days but here are a few photos of fellow festival goers, the wacky people who make festivals the joy that they are.