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Transformational Digital Art

I love taking photographs.  I spend so much time taking photographs that it is easy just to hit the delete button when you take something that just didn’t emerge from the camera as I envisaged it.

About a year ago I got interested in transforming my photos into pieces of art.  I am not trying to fool the viewer into believing I have created the perfect photograph.  Far from it, I want to make pieces that I would be happy to hang on my wall.  I haven’t had much time for creating in recent weeks so with a little time on my hands I spent a few hours turning the terribly dull photograph below into something a little more dramatic.  I hope you like it.


Ghost Papa Emeritus

Ghost – Digital Art Composite

Last weekend at reading festival I saw Swedish Doom Metal band Ghost.  This is a band whose frontman is known only as Papa Emeritus.  The band members are known only as “Nameless Ghouls”.  The bands music is frequently satanic in nature.  I have created the attached composite from images taken at the show, capturing some of the darkness and mystery surrounding the band.

Ghost Papa Emeritus