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London, one of Europe’s great cities, is in the midst of the sort of crisis not seen since the 7/7 bombings in 2005. Back in March, Islamic terrorist Khalid Masood killed four people and injured 50 others when he drove a car at high speed into pedestrians walking on Westminster bridge near the Houses of Parliament. In that attack, unarmed police officer Keith Palmer was stabbed to death. Masood was shot by police officers.

On June 3, eight people were killed and scores more injured after a van containing three Islamic terrorists smashed into pedestrians on London Bridge. As reported in the Guardian, the terrorists attacked passersby with knives before making their way to the nearby Borough Market area, where they were shot by armed police officers.

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Rock Band Urges Calm After Grenfell Tower Survivors Storm Kensington Town Hall In London

As reported earlier today in the Inquisitr, tensions have been running high in London as a result of the Grenfell Tower fire, which has killed at least 30 people. The Metropolitan Police announced that over 70 people are still missing, and said that it is unlikely that there will be any more survivors.

Residents of Grenfell Tower are increasingly angry at Theresa May’s government, and the company who managed the building. It has been feared that a protest march in London this evening could spark civil unrest, and even riots, but it appears that protesters have stormed Kensington Town Hall, demanding justice for the Grenfell Tower residents. The Independent says that hundreds of protesters are carrying a list of demands that they say the authorities must meet.

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Heterosexual Pride Day – Are You Fucking Kidding Me

Ok, lets get this one on the table I am a white, educated, middle class, middle aged, straight guy.  I have been pretty lucky in life, I have a lovely wife, an amazing son and a caring family.  I retired early due to ill health and am now in a position in life where I can do just about anything I like.

It takes a lot to rile me these days but “Heterosexual Pride Day” has my blood boiling.  I’m an Irishman who has lived in England for most of his life and I have suffered at the hands of racists and bully’s but my experience is nothing compared with the experience that asian, black and gay people have been through over the years.

My family won’t reject me because I am straight.  The pub I have a beer in won’t be bombed because it is full of straight people.  I am unlikely to be attacked by “Straightophobic” thugs as I hold hands with my wife walking down the street.

When will some people realise that oppressed minorities need a voice.  Gay Pride and Black Lives Matter give a voice to those who are oppressed because of the colour of their skin or their sexuality.  Without these movements we would not live in the (mostly) tolerant society we do.

The white, middle-class, straight man has a voice.  The world is dominated by them (us?) your (my) rights are not ignored and you are not oppressed in the same way that minority groups are.

For goodness sake get over your bourgeois sense of entitlement.  Heterosexual Pride Day is a slap in the face to a movement who struggle only for equality and tolerance in a world where it is all too often denied.

For fuck sake get over yourselves!

and breathe…..


It is fair to that police around the world claim to “Protect and Serve.” The concept that the police are in place primarily to protect those they serve is an overriding principle in the concept of policing by consent in any free and democratic society. In the United Kingdom the police are not routinely armed patrolling alone is far from uncommon. The police in the U.K. see their model of policing as the standard by which all other police services should be judged.

UK Police Put Eleven-Year-Old Disabled Girl In Cuffs, Leg-Irons And A Hood

Queen Elizabeth Turns 90 – What’s To Celebrate?

Queen Elizabeth turns 90-years-old today. The Queen has been on the throne of the United Kingdom since 1952, almost three-quarters of her life. Queen Elizabeth became Queen aged just 26, and many are celebrating what they see as a life of dedicated service to her country. Queen Elizabeth is a record breaker, the oldest and longest serving monarch in the U.K.’s history. The Mirror reports today that more often than not, the Queen has adopted just the right tone during times of difficulty, earning her popularity and entitling her to bask in the celebrations of today’s landmark birthday.

Comedy Icon Victoria Wood Dead at just 62

Victoria Wood is widely regarded as a comedy genius. Wood who was one of the brightest stars of her generation and arguably paved the way for a generation of British comedy talent, has passed away after a short illness. Wood shot to fame during the 1980’s and Victoria’s comedy partnership with her great friend Julie Walters is the stuff of comedy legend. The Mirror reports that Walter’s is devastated by Wood’s passing saying that the loss of Victoria “is incalculable.”