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Photography 101 – Double

I am sad that we are getting close to the end of Photography 101, I hope that there will be future challenges along the same lines.

Here is my take on todays challenge, Double.  The shots were taken on Saturday.  The boats are tour boats that take tourists on trips around the Beautiful Poole Harbour, one of the largest natural harbours in the world.

What do you suppose the men are discussing?  What are they looking at?


Photography 101 – Edge

Todays Photography 101 assignment is to display a photograph emphasising an edge.  Happily for me I went out on an all day Photoshoot on Saturday and a number of the shots I took were taken specifically to emphasise edges and lines.  I hope you like them.


Photography 101 – Glass

Initially this assignment had me a little stumped.  A number of photographs I could have used for the assignment I have already used for other assignments so I decided to have a little play around.

The glass is a Waterford Crystal Vase that my wife and I were given as a wedding present over 20 years ago.  I thought I would try to light it with a variety of lights to see how it turned out.  In truth the shots are not quite what I hoped for.  I think I need to get some Gel Filters to help with more creativity with light.  I would really value some tips on how to get better light effects with this sort of subject.

Glass-1 Glass-2

Photography 101- Landscape

Todays photography 101 Assignment is to publish a Landscape photograph.  I have published a few Landscape shots over the past weeks so thought I would go with something slightly different.  Both of these shots were taken on my daily dog walks.  Both landscapes but with a subject rather than wide angle.


Photography 101 – Swarm

Todays photography task is to illustrate a swarm.  This shot is from the rear of the stage at a music festival earlier this summer.  The idea was to capture the artist from behind with the audience in front of him.

Beans & Crowd

Photography 101 – Fleeting moment

Todays photography 101 assignment is to capture a fleeting moment and experiment with blur and movement.  The first of these shots was taken at my nieces wedding and captures the moment when someone through some confetti.

The second was taken at a music festival. I was trying to capture the guitarists hand movement.



Photography 101 – Mystery

Todays Photography 101 Challenge is “Mystery”.  I like this assignment and have taken many shots over the past few months that could be used. I chose this one very deliberately because the idea of reflection is something I have been focusing on and thinking about over the last few months.

This shot throws up lots of mystery for me.  Who is this young man?  Why has he shrouded his head in a cowl?  You can’t see his eyes, what is he thinking?  Check out the reflection in his sunglasses, who is he watching on stage?  Its all a mystery 🙂

Mystery man

Photography 101 – Warmth

Well, I have to say that todays photography 101 assignment gave me a bit of a belly laugh.  Go outside and capture an image of warmth using the sun as a source.  Well unfortunately winter has well and truly set in here.  it is blowing a gale and the rain is pouring down.  I don’t think we will be seeing the sun for some time.

I remembered this shot, taken at  music festival in July, it shows a mothers love for her baby.  Baby Archie was just 6 weeks old when this was taken.  I suspect he was the youngest person at the festival.