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Time – Weekly Photo Challenge

This weeks Photo challenge is called Time.  Here is my offering.


Weekly Photo Challenge – Alphabet

This weeks photo challenge asks that we go back to school with our photos.

These shots were taken at Tyneham, an abandoned village on military firing ranges in Dorset.  The villagers were forced to move from their homes in 1943 as the area was required for training in advance of D-Day.  Sadly the villagers have never been allowed to return.  Most of the village is now in ruins but the village school and church still survive.

Tynham 29 Dec 2014-7

Tyneham Schoolhouse Interior

Tynham 29 Dec 2014-6

Tyneham Church interior

Tynham 29 Dec 2014-5

Tyneham Church interior

Tynham 29 Dec 2014-4

Tyneham Schoolhouse

Weekly Photo Challenge Weight(less)

This weeks challenge is to show the effects of gravity in our photos.  These two shots sprang to mind.

Positioned a studio light behind a water filled balloon to and threw a dart at the balloon to capture the balloon burst.  I didn’t get the timing exactly right but it was fun 🙂

Almost Gone-2Almost Gone-1



Weekly Photo Challenge – Circle

This weeks photo challenge is to be inspired by a familiar shape.

As with a lot of photo-challenges I take a slightly different slant on this one.  I am having a Black and White month in January so expect to see a a lot of mono shots.

Sadly I am old enough to remember the days before colour film was widely available so trying to shoot in Black and White feels like coming full circle.

Weekly Photo Challenge – Now

This weeks photo challenge is to take a moment to notice your present, and share a photo of it.

Strangely I have spent a lot of time living in the moment over the past week or so as I took my family to Gran Canaria for a weeks holiday over Xmas.  It was great to get away and spend some time with my wife, my son and my sons girlfriend Saoirse.

Gran Canaria is such a beautiful place, especially when you get away from the coast and into the  mountains of the interior, I Hope my pictures do it justice.  I hope you like the pictures.

Weekly Photo Challenge – Eye Spy

This weeks photo challenge is called Eye Spy and we are asked to take “Eye” as our inspiration.

As normal I take a slightly different view on the theme with some photographs of Bournemouth’s Eye in The Sky, a tethered balloon that gives views across the town and beyond from the central gardens.