Hello and welcome to the Sound Of Summer.

This little corner of the internet exists mainly to allow me to write about my passion,  Music!  I will of course write about other things on occasion but the focus is and always will be music.  Music has always been part of my life, my parents and many members of my family were singers and there was always music around my house as I was growing up.

I started collecting music in the 1970’s and have ammassed quite a collection over the years.  Whilst I love all sorts of music it is singer songwriters and acoustic music that I especially enjoy and of course it is impossible to beat the experience of seeing music live.  I especially enjoy music festivals primarily because I always seem to find new artists to love.

I started this blog to allow me to share my love of music in the hope that I can spread the word about great bands, great albums and great festivals.  I also enjoy photographing live bands and most of the photographs used here  were taken by me.  If you see shots of yourself or your band here I will happily share the images with you.

If you are an artist who, having read these pages, would like to get in touch for an interview or to ask me to review an album then please get in touch.  I would be happy to support you.  I will be honest about my thoughts so I can’t promise you a glowing review.  I can promise that I will listen carefully, cautiously and thoroughly on a number of occasions before I put pen to paper (or finger to keyboard) and as I have very eclectic tastes it would be very unusual for me to be unable to find anything positive to say.

If you are playing a gig in Dorset then feel free to let me know where and when and if I am free I will pop along and do a review.

I do occasionally blog about other subjects including Freemasonry and depression.  I have been a Freemason for many years and find it an amazing way to meet great people to give a focus to my charitable giving and it is a super way to travel on a spiritual journey through life.  I have also suffered from depression for a number of years and I hope to improve peoples understanding of this debilitating illness by talking openly about it.

In the meantime have a look around and check out some of the other great bands I have seen recently.  If you need to get in touch then use for the form below.