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Cappadox Festival – photographs of a true wonderland

I am just home from my trip to Cappadox festival in Turkey.  It was an incredible environment to hold a music and arts festival.

Check out some photographs of an event that is unique in so many ways.

Transformational Digital Art

I love taking photographs.  I spend so much time taking photographs that it is easy just to hit the delete button when you take something that just didn’t emerge from the camera as I envisaged it.

About a year ago I got interested in transforming my photos into pieces of art.  I am not trying to fool the viewer into believing I have created the perfect photograph.  Far from it, I want to make pieces that I would be happy to hang on my wall.  I haven’t had much time for creating in recent weeks so with a little time on my hands I spent a few hours turning the terribly dull photograph below into something a little more dramatic.  I hope you like it.


Weekly Photo Challenge – harmony

This weeks photo challenge is titled “Harmony” and as is often the case I take a slightly obscure approach.  These pieces are all created from my own photographs as I search to bring work together in harmonious way.

I hope you like them.


Charity Fundraising Idea

I have been thinking for some time about what I might be able to do to support the charities that the various fandom groups have worked with.

Rainbow Direction, One Direction NDA and 1D fans give all do amazing things to raise funds and I thought I might be able to help.  Below are four different pieces of artwork that I have created.  These are of course just samples in low resolution.  In full resolution these are good to print on a 40 inch canvas.

If I were doing these pieces for a client (including taking the photographs) I would be charging in the region of £500 to £1500 depending on the canvas size and the amount of detail required to finish the piece.

I could do one of two things.

Option 1. I could give a copy of an art piece to every fan who donated lets say $25 or £20.  I would simply set up a few pieces and each person could select their favorite.  They would then be free to print in whatever format they preferred.

Option 2.  I could get one or more of the charity drives to auction one unique signed piece with that one piece being the only one in the world.  To ensure printing and carriage costs are covered there would need to be a strict reserve.

Let me know if this would interest you and if so what option would you think best?