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New Thin Lizzy Material To Be Released

I can hardly contain myself.  It seems that we are to be treated to a huge archive of `Thin Lizzy material.

According to the Guardian over 700 recordings have come to light after being hoarded for the last 28-years by a friend of the late great, Thin Lizzy front-man Phil Lynott.

Universal Music will release a selection of these recordings in June, working with the full co-operation of Thin Lizzy’s surviving members.

It’s been exactly 26 years since Lynott died, aged just 36, and almost 30 years since the original Thin Lizzy lineup split. As Lynott was dying, he entrusted 150 tapes to an unnamed third party, described as a “Thin Lizzy fan”.

“They held on to it for decades because they were waiting for the right people to come along,” Hammonds said. “They really didn’t trust anyone enough to release it properly.”

According to the Irish Independent  Thin Lizzy members Scott Gorham and Brian Downey will have the “final say” over which songs are released.

This is an incredible treat for the long-time Thin Lizzy fan, I for one cannot wait to hear what emerges when a box set of approved recordings is released in June, just in time for yours truly’s birthday.

Thin Lizzy were a mould breaking band and Lynott one of rocks greatest and most charismatic front-men.  Who would have thought that after almost 30-years we would be able to hear new Phil Lynott recordings.