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Why David Cameron’s Desperate 2015 Gambit Was Political Suicide

For many David Cameron will go down in history for all the wrong reasons. According to the Independent Cameron was the U.K.’s worst Prime Minister in over 100-years. Cameron’s decade long leadership of the Conservative party will soon come to an end and his legacy will be as the man who led the U.K. into walking out of the European Union. It is ironic that when Cameron took the leadership of the Conservative’s it was as a unifying force. Cameron was the man who could unite his party by answering the European question for once and for all. After announcing his resignation in the wake of losing the Brexit vote Cameron will doubtless be reflecting on the fact that he was the architect of his own destruction.
Read more at http://www.inquisitr.com/3242624/why-david-camerons-desperate-2015-gambit-was-political-suicide/#B2vteXdfUYYlmsVE.99

David Cameron

Naked David Cameron To Be Burned At The Stake In Pig-Gate Renactment

U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron may just be the country’s most unpopular leader in history. Cameron’s critics argue that he is leading a party that is stealing from the poor to give to the rich. Many people in the U.K. believe that Cameron’s welfare reforms are causing a great deal of unnecessary hardship for the most vulnerable people in British society. As Britain celebrates Guy Fawkes and the gunpowder plot, it will be thought fitting that Cameron is to be burnt at the stake — sort of.

Source: Naked David Cameron To Be Burned At The Stake In Pig-Gate Renactment

Cassette Boy – Emperors New Clothes Rap.

You might not have seen this or even have heard about Cassette Boy.

I think it’s fair to say he is no fan of The Conservatives or the United Kingdom Independence Party.  He is therefore OK in my book.

His mash-ups are really very creative.  Check this out

James Blunt

James Blunt Attacked For ‘Soap In The Shower’ Homophobic Comments

For the second time in two weeks singer James Blunt is making headlines. Sadly for Blunt the headlines he is making have little to do with his music and are therefore for all the wrong reasons. On this occasion the Mail is reporting that Blunt is being slammed for making remarks on social media platform Twitter that many interpret as homophobic.

Pop star Blunt has faced a backlash after he tweeted the cover of this weeks New Statesman magazine. The cover features British prime-minister David Cameron, London Mayor Boris Johnson, Chancellor George Osborne and other members of the Bullingdon Club. The Bullingdon Club is an exclusive but unofficial all-male students’ dining club at Oxford University, noted for its wealthy members, grand banquets and boisterous rituals, such as vandalizing of restaurants and college rooms.
Read more at http://www.inquisitr.com/1801858/singer-james-blunt-slammed-for-homophobic-soap-in-the-shower-comments/#5Xqzo9U4RH7X2TPD.99

World Leaders Paris March

World Leaders accused of faking photographs of leading Paris March

Just when you thought that Politicians could not get any more cynical and self-serving!!

Sensational claims are emerging today that world leaders faked photographs that showed them leading the Paris March of Unity yesterday. The march took place in the wake of the killing of 17 people by Muslim terrorist extremists in Paris last week with a reported 3 million people taking to the streets of Paris and across France in an incredible and moving show of unity. World leaders flocked to Paris to stand ‘shoulder to shoulder’ with the French people.
Read more at http://www.inquisitr.com/1749780/sensational-claims-that-world-leaders-faked-photographs-of-leading-paris-march/#0zLrqz5pMxc7QgFt.99

Prince Andrew and David Cameron

David Cameron Refuses To Support Prince Andrew Over Sex Scandal Allegations

In a sensational twist in the Prince Andrew ‘sex slave’ scandal the Telegraph is reporting that British Prime Minister, David Cameron, has refused to publicly support the Prince.

In an interview on radio station Heart FM Mr Cameron was asked about the controversy that has had the UK press buzzing for days. He would only say

“I’m not going to make any comment on it. Obviously, the Prince has made his own views very, very clear, and I think I’ll leave it at that.”
Read more at http://www.inquisitr.com/1732983/prince-andrew-sex-scandal-prime-minister-cameron-refuses-to-back-the-prince/#Ab4BxyCuITbiHDdW.99

Nick Mulvey

Folk Singer Nick Mulvey Feels Sick That David Cameron Is A Fan

It is with an exceedingly large hint of amusement and irony that I see that todays Telegraph reports that Folk Singer Nick Mulvey feels sick that David cameron is a fan of his music.

It amuses me that the telegraph, a newspaper so well known for its pro Conservative bias that it is nicknamed the ‘ToryGraph’, ran this story, it amuses me even more that the story was published by the Telegraphs online political editor, Rosa Prince.

Ms Prince contacted Mulvey by twitter to ask how he felt about being the Prime Ministers new favourite artists and Mulvey responded by saying he felt “A Bit Sick.”

Poor Dave.  Of course it isn’t the first time that Cameron has been rejected by one of his musical heroes.  Both Johnny Marr and Morrissey of the Smiths have previously ‘banned’ the Prime Minister from listening to their music.

To be fair no self respecting musician in their right mind would want to be associated with the toxic brand that is Cameron’s Conservative party.  Surely the evil triumvirate of Cameron, George Osborne and Iain Duncan Smith must be the three most despised men in Great Britain.  It comes to something when artists do not want to be associated with you, even by an association as tenuous as saying that you like their music.

Well fair play to Nick Mulvey.  He isn’t an artist that I am familiar with but he has earned my respect through his distain for Cameron.

[image – Slatethedisco.com]

Conservative Promises (Threats and Lies)

This week has seen the conclusion of the annual Conservative Party Conference in the United Kingdom.  Monday saw Chancellor George Osborne make his speech to conference and yesterday it was the turn of Prime-minister David Cameron.

On Monday Osborne announced that the programme of austerity in the UK would continue.  Public service workers will continue to have real term cuts in their pay and cuts to their pensions.  Benefits will be cut in very real terms.  The cap on benefits reduced by £3000 a year and benefits frozen for 3 years.  This overseen by a man who has claimed £100 in expenses for 60 baby wipes.  Seriously!

Yesterday Cameron announced that the threshold for higher rate tax would be raised from £42k to £50K a year.  A saving of £1600 a year for people earning £50k.  In essence this means that a tax cut for the relatively well off is being paid for by cuts in benefits for the most vulnerable in society.P8166532

Of course the Conservatives would have you believe that this represents a benefit to everyone except the demonised ‘Social Security Scrounger’.  Yet the department for work and pensions own figures show that only around 3.2% of welfare spending goes on jobseekers allowance.  Half of welfare spending goes in old age pensions and a huge slice goes to people in work who live below the poverty line.  The sad fact is that our government demonises the needy to justify making it easier for the rich to get richer still.  Sadly it is a system rotten to the core.  The only saving grace is that the likelihood of A Conservative victory in the election due in May 2015 is remote.

Politicians in the UK need to stop lying and treating the people of the UK as idiots.  The people of the UK need to stand up and say enough is enough!  The current Government is lurching ever further to the right, it is more Thatcherite than Thatcher ever was.

During Thatchers time in office The Levellers put what was happening into words with a song called ‘Hope Street’.  In recent weeks a new version of the song was released with the bands ‘Greatest Hits’  release.  This version is a collaboration with Billy Bragg.

Check it out.