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Fans Should Forget The Glastonbury Ticket Resale And Go To Bearded Theory Instead

Every autumn we see the annual scramble for tickets to Glastonbury festival. On October 9, 2016 tickets for the 250,000 capacity Glastonbury festival sold out in just 35 minutes. Of course, that is not the end of the road for Glastonbury fans. The official Glastonbury festival lineup will be released in the next couple of weeks. Shortly after that, fans who now find that they no longer wish to attend, can cancel their attendance and their Glastonbury tickets will be offered for resale on the official Glastonbury website. There will, of course, be a scramble for the Glastonbury ticket re-sale, but would fans be better advised to go elsewhere, for example to Bearded Theory Festival?

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Glastonbury 2015 Photo’s

Well here we are halfway through May and that means that it is just over a month to Glastonbury 2016.

Just to get you in the mood here are some memories from last year.

Glastonbury Photographs –

A final batch of Glastonbury Photos.


Glastonbury – Unseen Photographs

As there is nothing on TV I find myself drawn once again to the photographs I amassed on my travels around music festivals during the Summer.

Most of these were shot on the smaller stages.  Why don’t you have a look and see if you saw any of the acts included.

Glastonbury 2015 – Some Photos you probably haven’t seen

Glastonbury 2015 was a buzz.

As it is such an awful day weatherise here in Dorset I have been cheering myself up by browsing through some of my memories from this years Glastonbury festival.  I thought some of you might like to see them too.

James Bay - Larmer Tree-1

James Bay Announces Three Night Residency at Hammersmith Apollo

It has been quite a year for pop rocker James Bay.

I first saw James at the Larmer Tree Festival in July 2014 when he impressed on the main stage.  At that time James Bay was a hotly tipped youngster who had been picked up by BBC introducing.  Since then Bay has scored a No1 album, a No2 single and has played the main stage at Glastonbury.

James recently completed a sold out tour of the US performing on the hit US TV show Tonight with Jimmy Fallon and was one of the must see acts at this year’s Lollapalooza, where the huge crowd needed no encouragement for a sing-a long.

James is currently out on tour in the UK playing larger venues up and down the Country including a show in Bournemouth next week that I will be attending to review and photograph.  The tour is a total sell out.

James will play his shows at the iconic Hammersmith Apollo on March 29, 30 & 31, 2016.  Tickets go on sale Friday September 25.  They are available here.   http://listings.ticketmaster.co.uk/james-bay


James Bay’s official website is at  JamesBay.Com, he is on Facebook and he tweets as @JamesBayMusic

These images are from the shows I mention above.

Photo Challenge - Muse Glastonbury

Glastonbury Memories 2015

This time four weeks ago I was getting ready to come home from Glastonbury.  If you haven’t been to Glastonbury it is a huge shock to the system.  The sheer scale of it all is stunning.  It can easily take a full hour to walk from one side of the site to the other.  The site at Glastonbury is the size of a small city both in area and population for a week every June

I spent at lot of time in the Field of Avalon this year and to walk from that stage to my camper van was a walk of 4.3 Kilometres.  The camper van fields are vast, though it must be said, well organised and friendly.  If you are camping onsite it is perhaps a little better though less comfortable.  It never ceases to amaze me that you can camp in sight of the main stages at Glastonbury.

The atmosphere at Glastonbury is amazing.  People come to party and they party hard but the atmosphere is overwhelmingly friendly.  There is entertainment available 24-hours a day for the duration of the festival.  The array of food available is absolutely incredible and unlike some of the big festivals you don’t get ripped off.  Glastonbury even allows you to carry a reasonable amount of alcohol into the arena.

Glastonbury isn’t for everyone.  Personally I wouldn’t want to do it with small kids (though it is very child friendly) as I walked over 80 miles over the five days of the festival.  My memories are in Photographs so here are a few of my favourites.