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Louis Tomlinson’s ‘Fly High Buddy’ The Full Story Told For The First time

One Direction fans have always known that Louis Tomlinson and his mother, Johannah Deakin, have huge hearts. Tomlinson has a passion for children’s charities, especially those that support children with very serious and life-threatening illnesses. Last summer, it was reported how Louis and Johannah hosted a Cinderella ball at London’s Natural History Museum. It was widely reported, including in the Mirror, that Louis donated some $3 million of his personal wealth to support the charity, Believe In Magic.

While Tomlinson is the patron of a number of charities, he is remarkably discreet about his personal involvement. The story of how deeply and directly Tomlinson gets involved has never been told. Until now.

via Louis Tomlinson’s ‘Fly High Buddy,’ The Full Story Told For The First Time.