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Lets get back to the music [Video] – Abdoujaparov

Over the last year or so I have just totally fallen in love with this band.

Abdoujaparov is a side project of Les “Fruitbat” Carter of Carter Unstoppable Sex Machine fame.  This band has existed in various guises over the years and are really worth checking out.

Hi Folks as promised a little Gallery of Abdoujaparov’s set at The Leatherat Christmas party.

Ferocious Dog – A big announcement.

The last few weeks have been pretty amazing ones for Ferocious Dog.  Regular readers  will know that I regard this band as probably the best unsigned band in the UK.  The Nottinghamshire based 6 piece band have certainly faced their challenges in the last few months.

A few weeks before their recent UK wide tour the band were struck a hefty blow when father and son rhythm section Brad and Dave Drury unexpectedly quit the band.  The replacements were drafted in quickly and both John on Bass and Enrico on drums did an excellent job on the tour.  ALescarter01112008t the end of the tour guitarist Kyle Peters announced that he too was moving on to form a new band of his own.  Obviously each of the guys who left are a part of the Ferocious Dog story and were a major part of the bands development and rise in popularity.  Like any story in the entertainment business the show must go on.  Band line-ups change and develop and things move on.

Tonight Ferocious Dog have announced that the have recruited Les Carter (Fruitbat) from Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine as their new guitarist.  Les & Jim Bob played their final gig as Carter USM just last Saturday and brought to an era to a triumphant conclusion at London’s Brixton Academy.

Les is expectedlesc to continue to play with his other band Abdoujaparov.  This is undoubtably a huge Coup for Ferocious Dog as Carter will bring a wealth of experience, songwriting skills and industry knowledge with him to a band who are sure to go on to bigger and better things.