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Imagine Dragons

Imagine Dragons Star Dan Reynolds Is As Depressed As Hell

Imagine Dragons are fast becoming one of the biggest rock bands on the planet. They move from success to success, and Imagine Dragons are one of only two rock bands with at least three top 40 hits since 2010 (Fun is the other) and inescapable single “Radioactive” hung in the Hot 100 for a record-shattering 87 weeks.

When Imagine Dragons stood on the main stage at Reading festival last August in front of 100,000 delirious fans, they looked every inch the rock superstars. Yet through it all, Imagine Dragons frontman Dan Reynolds was hiding a terrible secret. You see, Dan Reynolds and Imagine Dragons may have topped the charts with their hit “Demons,” but according to Us Magazine, Reynolds is opening up for the first time about his own demons.

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[image by  by Anthony Mair via Vegasseven.com]