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Fantasy Photography Trip To The South Of France

A few weeks ago I saw a casting from one of my favourite UK models advertising a photography trip to Chateau Goudourville in the South of France from 1 – 8 July 2017.  The trip is being organised by Sophie Merlo Photography, based in Bristol. And full details of costs are on the events website.
The location is in a fantasy location, an authentic 11th century Castle that was redesigned during the Renaissance, and welcomed Pope Clement V, King Henry the 4th and Queen Catherine de Médicis.
france trip 3
The trip includes shoot time with no less than four of the UK’s top models.  I have already worked with Sinopa Rin, and all three of the other models were on my “must work with” list for 2017.  Jezebelle, Helen Diaz and Volkova are superb and very popular models.  All four models are highly skilled, and they are experienced at working with everyone from novice to top professional photographers.
All four models are top professionals, they can help you with lighting and they really know how to help any photographer to get the best images possible.  Sinopa Rin works to lingerie level, and all three of the other models work to nude levels.  Photographer numbers on the trip are being kept small to ensure that you have plenty of shoot time with the “house” models.  Photographers are also invited to bring their own models at a subsidised rate, if they so wish.  The trip may also be attractive to aspiring models who would like to have the opportunity to work with some great photographers, creating unique images that will be a boost to any portfolio.
france trip 2
Experienced photographers on the trip (including myself) will be on hand to help with lighting and advice should you need it.  If you need a little boost with your editing skills, bring your laptop with Lightroom and Photoshop installed.
Do check out some of the models work by clicking this link.
As if that wasn’t enough to tempt you, Sophie has booked a very skilled stylist, Tabitha Boydell, for the duration of the trip.  Tabitha has created a range of fabulous outfits for the models, this will allow all the photographers to capture totally unique images.
france trip 5
This area in France is famous for its fields of sunflowers that should be in bloom when we are there (this is seasonally dependent). A real artists’ paradise.

Lovers of authentic castles will be enchanted by this old medieval fortress which over time has transformed into a warm and welcoming castle. Its crowning glories are many: the Guards Room, its cosy chapel, its charming guestrooms where numerous illustrious visitors have rested their heads, its Courtyard of Honour where Henry IV planted the flags of his defeated enemies…

france trip 6

Erected on the last foothills of Quercy (1 hour from Toulouse, 1 hour and half from Bordeaux, 5 hour from Paris by train) in an emerald spanning 25 hectares.

* luxurious rooms
* dungeon
* chapel
* swimming pool and pool house
* private grounds
* free wifi
* tennis court

This will be the shoot location plus also where photographers and models are staying during the trip.

france trip 4


I have nothing to do with the organisation of this trip, I am attending as a photographer and taking my wife along for a holiday.  Flights to Toulouse are available from many UK regional airpots, and very reasonably priced on Easy Jet.  Flights are not included in the cost of the trip.

Any interested photographer or model should contact Sophie direct on her email address at sophiemerlo@gmx.com




Fans Should Forget The Glastonbury Ticket Resale And Go To Bearded Theory Instead

Every autumn we see the annual scramble for tickets to Glastonbury festival. On October 9, 2016 tickets for the 250,000 capacity Glastonbury festival sold out in just 35 minutes. Of course, that is not the end of the road for Glastonbury fans. The official Glastonbury festival lineup will be released in the next couple of weeks. Shortly after that, fans who now find that they no longer wish to attend, can cancel their attendance and their Glastonbury tickets will be offered for resale on the official Glastonbury website. There will, of course, be a scramble for the Glastonbury ticket re-sale, but would fans be better advised to go elsewhere, for example to Bearded Theory Festival?

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Daily Prompt – Dilemma

What a very appropriate daily prompt I see today.  A one word prompt that sums up my summer.  The fact is that I have been so crazy busy for the last four months that my blog has taken a back seat.  My dilemma has been that something has to give and sadly paid work has to take priority over writing for fun.

There is a great deal of irony because it was this WordPress blog that directly led me into the world I now inhabit.  I began writing here to give myself a creative outlet after being forced to take early retirement on the grounds of ill health (depression.)

I now find myself writing and photographing for two music magazines and an USA based news agency.  All of that, my drift into creating art and becoming a professional photographer began right here on WordPress.  As a consequence I feel that this little corner of the internet is a part of me, it is largely responsible for me being in a totally creative world and for my current happiness and sense of well-being.

As a bit of fun I present you with another Dilemma.  On Saturday I attended an all day photoshoot with four other photographers and six lovely models.  During the first part of the day I was shooting a beautiful model dressed as an autumnal Poison Ivy.  By coincidence the adjacent room also had a Poison Ivy so we all got together to shoot a slice of double trouble.  The Dilemma?  How do you choose your favourite Poison Ivy from these two beautiful lady’s?

Weekly Photo Challenge – Quest

Weekly Photo Challenge – Quest

I have been so busy this summer that my poor blog has been sadly neglected.  Thankfully thing are calming down now so its time to get back into the habit.

A attended a group photo session on Saturday five photographers and six models in a studio housed in an old brewery building.  During the shoot I captured these images of two people who had certainly been on a quest!! 😉

Bestival: Tumblers – Photographs

Last weekend saw me at what will be my last music festival of this season.  One of the joys of festivals for me  is wandering around to find the weird and wacky things that are going on and I have to say that Bestival was a joy in this respect.

Sunday was a beautiful day and as I wandered around I came across a band playing New Orleans style Jazz rhythms, I watched fascinated as these two guys performed tumbles and somersaults to the musical background.  I was a mighty entertaining few minutes.  Enjoy the photographs.

Tonefest Dorset: Festival photographs

If you were at Tonefest this weekend you may have spotted me lugging my cameras around.  The chances are I may have caught you on film (well digital) when you didn’t expect it.

Please have a browse, if you spot yourself and want a copy of the photograph just drop me a line through the contact button above.  you are welcome to a free high resolution copy.

Feed The Rhino Are Back After 12-Month Hiatus

One of the UK’s best hardcore band, Feed The Rhino are back following a 12-month absence.  Kent bruisers, FEED THE RHINO have announced 4 intimate comeback shows and a new festival appearance.

20 – Bristol – Exchange
21 – London – Boston Music Rooms
22 – Southampton – Joiners
24 – Manchester – Sound Control
25 – Gloucester – Underground Festival

In November 2015, the band announced they were taking a break and cancelled a support slot tour with Sikth, they issued the following statement :

“For the last six years FTR has encompassed the five of our lives, and we have seen and done things that we never thought possible. But behind the scene, normal life carries on, and we all try and juggle the band with our other commitments in life (families, wives, mortgages, businesses etc). The older we have got, and the more successful the band has grown to be, the harder the juggling act has become.
It has come to light in the last few weeks that for some in the band, committing to any more is an impossible task. We need to take a breath from being FTR, to see through an increasingly large mountain of personal commitments so that we can continue with the band next year.” 

With their last performance being none other than Reading and Leeds Festival’s main stage, it’s safe to say that the boys have some unfinished business to attend to with frontman, Lee Tobin warning fans of the forthcoming chaos.

“Guys, what can we say? It’s been a while! Playing live has always been a huge part of Feed The Rhino and it’s been way too long. In September, we will be hitting the road to reunite with you. Make sure you don’t miss out. Trust us when we say these shows will not disappoint. Body Armour may be required!”

Before the band’s break, they had just unleashed their new track, “Featherweight” along with a ground-breaking 360˙ video. This was their first new offering since 2014’s juggernaut record “The Sorrow and The Sound”. The band are rumoured to be locked away finishing up where the song left off.

Ticket’s for the band’s newly announced shows will be on sale from Friday 8th July through: www.myticket.co.uk.

Feed The Rhino are on the internet here: They are also on Facebook  and Tweet was @feedtherhino