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It is fair to that police around the world claim to “Protect and Serve.” The concept that the police are in place primarily to protect those they serve is an overriding principle in the concept of policing by consent in any free and democratic society. In the United Kingdom the police are not routinely armed patrolling alone is far from uncommon. The police in the U.K. see their model of policing as the standard by which all other police services should be judged.

UK Police Put Eleven-Year-Old Disabled Girl In Cuffs, Leg-Irons And A Hood

Police Brutality: Sarah Reed Woman Beaten By London Cop Dies In Jail [Video]

London’s Metropolitan Police have shown that it isn’t just in the U.S. that suspects, especially black suspects, are subject of police brutality. Sarah Reed, a 30-year-old woman was brutally assaulted by London Metropolitan Police officer James Kiddie. Reed was suspected of stealing items from a London store and constable Kiddie was sent to investigate. Footage of the shocking act of police brutality was captured on the store’s security camera and as a result Mr Kiddie’s act of brutality ended with him being dismissed from the police and convicted of assaulting Reed.

The security camera footage of Kiddie’s act of police brutality has been obtained by the BBC and they report that police officer grabbed Ms Reed by the hair and then punched her as she lay on the floor of the Uniqlo store in Regent Street, London in 2012. Kiddie’s brutality also extended to him placing his knee on Ms Reed’s throat as he attempted to handcuff her and pulling her hair.

via Police Brutality: Sarah Reed Woman Beaten By London Cop Dies In Jail [Video].

Search For Eastenders Actress Sian Blake Ends In Tragedy

Search For Eastenders Actress Sian Blake Ends In Tragedy

Former Eastenders actress Sian Blake was reported missing by her partner Arthur Simpson-Kent, 48, but went missing himself three days later.

Sian was reported missing on December 16 but has not been seen since.

Today the tragic news has been released that Police have found Sian’s baby, along with the bodies of her three children, in the back garden of her home in Kent.

The Metropolitan Police have launched a murder enquiry with Simpson-Kent the prime suspect.  He was the father of Blake’s three children.  Sian Blake is believed to have suffered from Motor Neurone disease.

Det Supt Paul Monk said: “As yet, we have not formally identified the bodies but this is a significant development and Sian’s family have been informed.”

Blake played  played Frankie Pierre in one of Britain’s favourite soap operas between 1996 and 1997.