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Donald Trump In The Whitehouse: A Survivors Guide

Donald Trump is headed for the White House and for the second time in a matter of months the world is reeling from a vote that no-one expected. Trump’s victory in the U.S. presidential election is all the more cataclysmic because it is a result that was so unexpected. Admittedly the pollsters had been saying that the gap between Hillary Clinton and Trump was a narrow one, but few doubted that Clinton would carry the day. As the results emerged on Tuesday evening, and it became clear that Trump was set to pull off a staggering victory, there was a sharp intake of breath across the world.

Donald Trump In The White House: A Survivors Guide


America – Land Of The Prisoner

As I get older I have become much more left leaning.  As I was out walking my dogs this morning I came across two deeply disturbing facts.

America calls itself “the land of the free,”  I was surprised and shocked to find out that the truth is VERY different.  Far from being the land of the free the rate that America locks up its citizens is truly shocking.

According to the BBC America locks up its citizens at around six times the rate China does. yet the USA feels justified in slamming human rights in China.

With just 4.4% of the worlds population the USA has 24.7% of the worlds prison population.  The UK incarcerates 148 people per 100k of population, China just 118 whilst the USA sits at 737.

Bottom line is that the USA locks up more of its people than any other country in the world.  Wow!  Black people make up 12% of the U.S. population but official figures show that blacks make up almost 38% of the prison population.

It makes you think that the U.S. should get its own house in order before lecturing the rest of the world.

Donald Trump: The Pantomime Villain Leading The World Towards Armaggedon

From the European side of the Atlantic it is easy to laugh at Donald Trump. In the U.K. people look at Trump and shake their heads in despair. Many in the U.K. see Trump as a xenophobic, racist manipulative liar. The truth is that if Trump had uttered his hate-filled rhetoric here in the U.K. he would be much more likely to be locked up that to be winning Republican party primaries. Many in the U.K. cannot believe that Trump, a man who has never held an elected office, could soon be the leader of the free world.

via Donald Trump: The Pantomime Villain Leading The World Towards Armaggedon.

Donald Trump – A Hate Filled Madman

I have just sat through a news report on Donald Trump’s behaviour at some of his recent political rally’s.  I normally avoid the very mention of that sick, demented, racist, bigoted loudmouth as I despise him almost as much as I despise David Cameron, George Osborne and Iain Duncan Smith.

I was appalled to see that Trump could act with seeming impunity when he openly, in the eyes of television crews, tells his supporters to beat up anyone who dares to disagree with him.  In several occasions Trump openly says that he would “smash people in the face” and says he will pay the legal fees of anyone who assaults someone who dares to protest against him.

Of course all of this is entirely in keeping with Trumps personality, he was a bully at school, even get expelled for it.  He was both a bully and a mama’s boy whilst at military school.

Can you imagine how Trump would attempt to bully the world were he to become president of the USA?  Sadly he now looks unstoppable and it seems that the worlds worst nightmare will be heading to the Whitehouse.  A school bully becomes the worlds most powerful man.  Sadly Trump make Bush look like he was both educated and reasonable.  I genuinely despair especially as it looks like the alternate choice could well be Hillary Clinton, another crook who would do anything in the pursuit of power.

Today I simply sit and despair!

Open Carry: Would You Want To Be At A Festival Where People Carry Guns

I thought seriously about attending SXSW this year.  The owner of one of the sites I write for knows the organisers and a number of PR companies wanted to partner with the site for coverage at SXSW.

The festival falls a great time, it is still cold in the UK and festival season is still dormant here.  I have never visited Austin or Texas so SXSW would have been a great opportunity to put that right and with an always eclectic range of new and established musical talent on offer to photograph and interview I would certainly have found plenty to keep me interested and occupied.

Despite the temptation I decided not to attend SXSW and today I am breathing a huge sigh of relief.  This is possibly the first time ever that I have been really happy not to be at a music festival.  Why I hear you shout.

The answer is a very simple one.  Guns!

Those of you who live in the U.S. may not be aware but today is the 20th anniversary of the Dunblane school massacre.  Thomas Hamilton murdered 16 children and a teacher before killing himself.  This still ranks as the U.K.’s worst ever gun related crime.

If any good came out of Dunblane it was the fact that increased gun control since then has resulted in a significant reduction in already extremely low levels of gun crime in the U.K.

I what is the most bizarre irony Time reports today that gun supporters in Texas will “crash” president Obama’s keynote speech whilst openly carrying guns. Seriously, this is the worst kind of lunacy.  I fully accept that the attitude to guns in the U.S. is very different to that in the U.K. and every day I give thanks for that.  Put simply in my view anyone who wants to walk around carrying a gun should be locked up for a very very long time.  Anyone who believes that allowing more people to carry guns will reduce gun crime belongs in the Donald Trump school of race relations.

According to the Washington Post C.J. Grisham of ‘Open Carry Texas’ made the following statement which to me epitomises why I am glad not to be in Texas this week.

“The president is an American, just like every one of us is an American,” Grisham said. “He’s nothing special. Granted, he is the president, but him being there for us doesn’t change anything. We’re no threat to the president, and the president better not be a threat to us.”

Just read that last sentence again “the president better not be a threat to us!”  I don’t know about you but it seems that this idiot just made a threat to the president of the United States.  These are the people who are walking round in Texas openly carrying guns. The mind boggles!

Just look at the banners these idiots are carrying.  “Obama if you want my gun come and take it.” Again an implied threat.  These are the kind of people who would never get anywhere near a gun in the U.K. and for that small mercy I give thanks.

Is The U.S. Finally Ready To Tackle Its Insane Gun Laws

Over the course of recent years we have sat back and wrung our hands in despair at the repeated reports of mass-murder by guns in the USA.  We Brits really don’t get the U.S. obsession with guns.  Our gun controls are moderately strict and there are rigorous background checks by the Police before a gun licence is issued.

Certain guns, assault rifles and the like are beyond licensing.  We in the U.K. have some gun crime of course, there have even been a couple  of mass shootings but what goes on in the U.S. on a weekly basis both shocks and appalls us in the UK.

According to the BBC there have been 353 mass shootings in the U.S. in 2015, up to December 3rd, thats slightly more than one a day.  12,223 people have been killed in gun violence and a further 24,722 have been injured by guns.  Think about that for a second four times more people have been killed by gun violence in the U.S. in a single year than died in the 9/11 attacks.  Even more worryingly a huge percentage of gun violence in the U.S. is as the result of legally held weapons.

The awful attacks this week in Oregon and San Bernadino means that Obamas second term in office has seen 994th mass shootings.  It is estimated that there are at least 285 million guns in circulation in the U.S., that is pretty close to one for every man woman and child.  It is no exaggeration to say that gun violence is “routine” an acceptable fact of life.


Every time there is an atrocity the NRA and some in the U.S. government trot out the same tired old platitudes.  It boils down to the argument that the way to tackle gun violence is for more people to have more guns.  This kind of skewed and warped thinking is madness almost beyond belief.  Since 9/11 (up to 2013) over 400,000 Americans have died by gun violence. The U.S. has spent trillions of dollars pursuing the “so called” war on terror as it ignores the slaughter of its citizens by its citizens.

During the same 2001 – 2013 517 people died as a result of gun violence in the UK.  Put simply you are 712 times more likely to die by gun violence in the U.S. than you are in the UK.  Even allowing for the fact that the U.S. population is five times larger than the UK these figures are horrifying.

The lack of gun control in the U.S. is insane.  Earlier this week it was reported that the federal authorities have seized nearly 2300 guns from passengers hand luggage at airports this year.

Newsweek reported earlier this week that authorities in South Carolina have seized an arsenal of 5,000 guns from one man!   A later report on CNN suggests that the true total of guns seized is more likely to be closer to 10,000.

Earlier this week it was revealed that people who are on terrorist watch lists and no-fly lists can still legally buy guns.  Obama himself has declared that this defies any kind of logic.  Seriously a person who is under suspicion of being a terrorist can walk into a shop and quite legally buy a gun!  It beggars belief.  It is insanity of the very highest order.

Obama said in his radio address that the use of military-style assault weapons in the latest mass shooting was “another tragic reminder that here in America it’s way too easy for dangerous people to get their hands on a gun.”

Can it be that these latest atrocities mean that the U.S. is finally waking up to the Insanity of their gun laws.  We can but hope.

college football

I Just Don’t Get It – College Football

If you saw my recent post questioning the sanity of people who find the NFL even moderately interesting it won’t surprise you to hear that college football totally bemuses me.

If the NFL ranks as one of the most boring things on the face of Gods green earth could someone explain to me why on earth people would pay to watch a bunch of overgrown schoolboys play the same game.

I guess the UK equivalent would be inter-university rugby matches.  In the UK these games, with one exception, are watched by three men and a dog.  Yet thousands of people pay to watch college football.  The only inter university rugby match that attracts a crowd is the annual Oxford V Cambridge match and the only reason that game attracts a crowd is because it is played at twickenham and people go to get drunk.  No-one cares who wins (not even the players), in fact most people probably couldn’t even tell you the result much less the score afterwards.

Seriously!  College football.  I am beginning to think that you Americans are all bonkers.  Someone please explain.